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Haryana National Highways Road Map PDF Free Download

Haryana National Highways Map

Haryana’s state in North India has a vast network of at least 32 National Highways (NH) with a total length of 2,484 km, 11 Expressways including 3 National Expressway, State Highways (SH) with a total length of 1,801 km, Major District Roads (MDR) major district roads with 1,395 km length and Other District Roads (ODR) with a length of 26,022 km (2016).

Haryana  Map

  • National Highway with NHAI              –  Blue Line
  • National highway (with State PWD)    –  Red Line
  • State Highway                                     –  Black Line

List of National Highways In Haryana

  1. National Highway 105 (India)
  2. National Highway 11 (India)
  3. National Highway 148A (India)
  4. National Highway 148B (India)
  5. National Highway 15A (India)
  6. National Highway 152 (India)
  7. National Highway 152D (India)
  8. National Highway 19 (India)
  9. National Highway 248 (India)
  10. National Highway 248A (India)
  11. National Highway 254 (India)
  12. National Highway 334B (India)
  13. National Highway 344 (India)
  14. National Highway 352 (India)
  15. National Highway 352A (India)
  16. National Highway 44 (India)
  17. National Highway 444A (India)
  18. National Highway 48 (India)
  19. National Highway 5 (India)
  20. National Highway 52 (India)
  21. National Highway 7 (India)
  22. National Highway 703 (India)
  23. National Highway 709 (India)
  24. National Highway 709A (India)
  25. National Highway 709AD (India)
  26. National Highway 700EXT (India)
  27. National Highway 9 (India)
  28. National Highway 907 (India)
  29. National Highway 907G (India)
  30. National Highway 919 (India)
  31. Kaithal Pundri Karnal Highway

National Highways: Haryana features a total of 12 national highways, covering a separate of approximately 1,915 km. These highways connect major cities and towns within the state to other parts of the country. Some of the critical national highways in Haryana include:

NH-1: This is the longest national interstate in Haryana, covering a separation of around 444 km. It connects Delhi to Amritsar, passing through cities like Sonipat, Karnal, and Kurukshetra.
NH-8: This highway connects Delhi to Mumbai, passing through cities like Gurgaon and Jaipur.
NH-10: This interstate connects Delhi to Fazilka in Punjab, passing through cities like Bahadurgarh, Rohtak, and Hisar.
NH-44: Typically the longest national highway in India, covering a separate of around 3,745 km. It passes through Haryana, connecting Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

State Highways: Haryana contains a total of 126 state highways, covering a separate of around 7,000 km. These highways interface major towns and cities inside the state. A few of the imperative state thruways in Haryana include:

SH-1: This interstate connects Delhi to Ambala, passing through cities like Sonipat and Panipat.
SH-2: This interstate interfaces Delhi to Narnaul, passing through cities like Gurgaon and Rewari.
SH-3: This highway connects Rohtak to Jhajjar, passing through Bahadurgarh.
SH-10: This highway connects Karnal to Kaithal, passing through cities like Assandh and Pehowa.

District Roads: Haryana incorporates an add up to 1,981 district roads, covering a distance of around 10,000 km. These roads connect country ranges to towns and cities. A few of the critical district roads in Haryana include:

DR-101: This road connects Bhiwani to Hisar, passing through cities like Hansi and Barwala.
DR-105: This road connects Jind to Narwana, passing through cities like Julana and Uchana.
DR-119: This road connects Rewari to Narnaul, passing through cities like Bawal and Mahendragarh.
DR-136: This street interfaces Yamunanagar to Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh, passing through cities like Jagadhri and Bilaspur.

Rural Roads: Haryana has a add up to 29,947 rustic streets, covering a remove of around 73,000 km. These roads connect villages to towns and cities.

In conclusion, Haryana encompasses a well-developed road arrangement that interfaces major cities and towns inside the state with other parts of the country.

The state government is ceaselessly making endeavors to progress the road infrastructure and maintain the existing street organization to cater to the expanding requests of individuals and industries.

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