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Single notes are picked. Chords are strummed. A chord is a group of three or more notes… on different strings… played at the same time.

The right hand movement, while strumming chords, will vary according to the number of strings you wish to play. Do not try to rest, or brace your hand against the guitar top.

Try to achieve a loose, relaxed stroke. Slant the pick slightly to allow it to glide across the strings. Strum slowly and softly until the best possible tone is produced.


without a pitchpipe or piano. Tuning is a difficult procedure for the beginner. It takes a great deal of practice. If you study the guitar with a teacher. tuning will be no problem. Your teacher will guide you.

Turn pegs slowly to avoid string breakage. Make sure you turn the proper peg. Turn the peg of the E string (the 6th, thick est string)

until you get a low pitched tone (as close to the low E sound as you can remember). Then do the following: Press 5th fret of 6th string. Pluck it to get pitch of 5th string (A). Press 5th fret of 5th string.

Pluck it to get pitch of 4th string (D).nLines and spaces can be referred to by number or by letter name.

The first seven letters of the alphabet are used to name the notes, thus we have A, B, C, D, E. F. G. F Leger Lines The staff can be extended by additional lines added above or below.

repeated many.. times.. depending on the musical range needed to write a composition. The alphabet will occur on alternate lines and spaces in the staff.

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Guitar Chords for Dummies Book Pdf Free Download

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