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Never Kiss Your Best Friend Book PDF Free Download

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The summer went by as the drama of choosing streams, changing schools and starting class eleven unfolded. Autumn came and went.

Life continued to troll us and we happily got trolled. Sumer’s dad kept a distant eye on his academic integrity, regularly checking in on his tuition test scores and his attendance.

He even returned Sumer’s camera after Sumer actually scored well on a chemistry test in November.

Not like Sumer suddenly had grown an erection of fondness for science.

His plan was simple build his father’s hopes, play along and then next year, crash his world and smile.

I tried dissuading him from doing so, but then gave up. I was his best friend and I was supposed to support him, come what may.

That winter my dog Liaka died. She was old. But I wasn’t ready to let her go. I cried and howled, and how.

Sumer was there by my side, unfailingly. Even if it called for bunking his tuitions and missing his assignments.

His father came back home around the same time and caught him red-handed, as we once crossed paths with Uncle at the DVD store.

We had gone there to get the DVD of Marley and Me. Sumer got grounded in the bargain but made sure I set free the pain of losing Liaka.

2012 started. We entered class twelve. I continued to sulk over a life with no love and no dog and Sumer over his physics, chemistry and maths.

The handful of ‘not-so-pretty-but-bearable-after-a-few-drinks-non-med-girls’ in his tuitions kept him from committing suicide.

I’ve become a pro at picking the best out of waste,’ he would state waste. The chauvinistically while I shot him a feminist glance every time he dated a new girl.

AuthorSumrit Shahi
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Never Kiss Your Best Friend Book PDF Free Download

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