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Alfred’s Essentials Of Music Theory

Listening to music is one of the most popular pastimes, enjoyed by people all over the world. Whether listening to recordings or attending live concerts, music has the ability to inspire and give pleasure to almost everyone.

For many students and professionals, playing a musical instrument is an even more enjoyable experience.

But understanding how music is constructed; how scales and chords are formed; the relationship between major and minor keys;

and how music is composed through melody, harmony and chord progressions can enhance the musical experience even further.

There is also current scientific research that proves that studying music improves I.Q. scores-it actually makes students smarter.

Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory is designed for students of any age, whether listener or performer, who want to have a better understanding of the language of music.

BOOKS 1, 2, 3: This theory course is made up of three books of 40 pages each, with each book containing six units.

A unit consists of four or five pages of instructional material (including written exercises), an Ear Training page, and a Review page.

Each new term is capitalized the first time it is introduced (GRAND STAFF) and will also be listed in the Glossary & Index of Terms and Symbols (along with the page number) at the end of each book.

As the Glossary only contains terms introduced within the book, it is a complete listing of subjects included.

COMPLETE BOOK: Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory is also available in one complete book of 120 pages that contains all the pages included in the separate books.

An alto clef (viola) edition is also available in one complete or three separate books.

Record Keeping

At the back of the Kit (page 144) is a reproducible Grade Form page with a grid for listing and keeping track of the
student’s scores and grades, organized by Unit.

Answer Key

Answers for every Activity and Test page are included in a reduced size to assist in the grading process.

The Teacher’s Activity Kit is the perfect “teacher saver” for days when a substitute is required— activities can be offered easily and as needed.

Page Numbering

Each page in Teacher’s Activity Kit, Complete is labeled at the top with a Unit number, Activity number, and a correlating page reference.

  • The Unit number tells which Unit of Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory contains the topic the Activity reinforces.
  • The Activity number indicates the sequence of Activities within each Unit.
  • The specific page in Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, Book 1, 2, or 3 with which the Activity may be assigned is given at the upper right-hand corner of each sheet. When more than one Activity correlates to the same page in the Essentials of Music Theory text book, the Activities may be assigned in any order.
  • There is also a space at the top of each page for the student to write his or her name and class.
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