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Certificate Physical And Human Geography By GC Leong Book PDF Free Download

Certificate Physical And Human Geography Context

  1. The Earth and the Universe

1 Exploring the Universe. 1: The Solar System. 1: The shape of the Earth. 2. Evidence of the Earth’s Sphericity. 2: The Earth’s Movements. 4: Day and Night. 4: The Earth’s Revolution. 5: Dawn and Twilight, 6: Mathematical- Location of Places on the Globe. 7: Latitude, 7; Longitude, 8; Longitude and Time. 8: Standard Time and Time Zones, 9. The International Date Line. 10; Questions and Exercises, 10: Selected Cambridge Questions.

  1. The Earth’s Crust

The Structure of the Earth. 12: The Classification of Rocks, 12: Igneous Rocks, 12 Sedimentary Rocks. 13 Metamorphic Rocks, 13; The Influence of Rock Types on Landscape, 14; Earth Movements and the Major Landforms, 14: Types of Mountains, 14: Types of Plateaux, 17; Types of Plains, 18.

  1. Vulcanism and Earthquakes

20 Landforms Associated with Vulcanic Activities, 20: Landforms of Igneous Intrusions, 20, The Origin of Volcanoes, 21; Types of Volcanoes, 22; Extrusive Landforms, 22; Some Volcanic Eruptions. 23. The Distribution of Volcanoes in the World, 24: Geysers and Hot Springs, 25; Earthquakes 26; Some Major Earthquakes, 26: The Distribution of Earthquakes. 26: Questions and Exercises,

  1. Weathering, Mass Movement and Groundwater

28 Weathering. 28: Mass Movement. 31: Groundwater, 33; The Water-Table, 34: Springs and Wells, 35; Questions and Exercises,


  1. Weather

The Difference Between Climate and Weather, 93: The Elements of Weather and Climate, 94; Rainfall, 94: Pressure, 95; Temperature, 96; Humidity, 98; Winds, 98; Sunshine, 99: Clouds, 100; Other Elements Pertaining to Visibility, 104: Questions and Exercises, 104.

  1. Climate

The Atmosphere, 105; Insolation, 105; Elements of Climate and Factors Affecting Them, 106: Temperature, 106; Factors Influencing Temperature

The Shape of the Earth

In the olden days, sailors feared venturing far into the distant ocean because they thought the earth was as flat as a table. They thought that when they reached the edge of the earth, they would slip down and perish in the bottomless ocean.

This is, of course, not true. From years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and observations in different parts of the world, we know that the earth is round. Its spherical shape is an established fact, proven, and accepted by all.

There has been so much research done on earth science that its various dimensions have been accurately found. It has an equatorial circumference of 24,897 miles and its polar circumference is less by 83 miles. Its equatorial diameter is 7,926 miles and its polar diameter is shorter by 26 miles.

This simply shows that the earth is not a perfect sphere. It is a little flattened at both ends like an orange. It can, in fact, be called a geoid (earth-shaped). The spherical shape of the earth is also masked by the intervening highlands and oceans on its surface.

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Certificate Physical And Human Geography By GC Leong Book PDF Free Download

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