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Complete English Grammar For Common And High Schools Book PDF Free Download

Complete English Grammar

THIS textbook of grammar has been thoroughly revised and entirely reset in new type. It forms a complete book, containing in one volume the work usually found in books on language lessons and English grammar.

The book is divided into four parts, each of which is a course by itself. The first three parts treat of the same subjects, but each gives a more comprehensive treatment than the preceding.

The work of the ordinary school is completed in Part Three. Part Four deals only with the most difficult topics and those about which authors do not agree.

The author has no sympathy with the notion that technical terms in grammar should not be used until the pupil has reached the upper grades.

He can see no reason why children cannot learn and understand the terms now and ser, for instance, as easily as name word and action-sword.

Therefore, technical work will be found in Part One, gradually becoming more difficult as the pupil advances, until in Part Four will be found about all the technical work required for any examination.

THIS book combines both the practical and the theoretical To be in harmony with its spirit, much writing will be required of the pupil.

But few subjects and outlines for composition work are given. It is believed that each teacher can select topics better suited to the capacity and surroundings of his pupils than the topics selected by any author.

Letter-writing should be introduced early in the course and should be continued until the pupil can write a neat and correct letter.

AuthorE. J. Honeshel
PDF Size 13.6 MB


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Complete English Grammar For Common And High Schools Book PDF Free Download

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