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Bihar The Heart Of India Book PDF Free Download

Bihar The Heart Of India Book PDF Free Download

Bihar The Heart Of India


Gautama Buddha and Mahavira Buddhism and Jainism

WE may begin our account of the three parts of the Province of Bihar with the two districts which in ancient times formed the Kingdom of Magadha, Patna, and Gaya.

It will be convenient to deal separately with the other districts of South Bihar which lie to the west and east of this central core.

To all who are interested in the great events and personalities and cities of the remote past, this country of Magadha must make a special appeal.

Its history as we know it begins at least 2,500 years ago, but long before that, it was famous throughout northern India.

More is known of its early history than of any other part of India; it has indeed been said that the early history of Magadha is, in great part, the history of India.

The northern boundary of this ancient country is the Ganges, and its western boundary is the Son. On the south rise the foothills of the Chota Nagpur plateau.

Its eastern borders are less well defined, but they follow approximately the Kiul river and the hills to the west of Jamui.

The country to the west of the Son, the modern Shahabad, was included in the Mauryan realm at an early stage of that epoch.

And the old kingdom of Anga to the east-parts of modern Monghyr and Bhagalpur was attached to Magadha by the conquests of Bimbisara.

The most ancient of the many old cities and hallowed. sites of Magadha is Rajgir. In the picturesque hill ranges near Giriak.

50 miles southeast of Patna, the visitor may still see the massive walls of the old city and fortress of Girivraja.

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Bihar The Heart Of India Book PDF Free Download

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