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Oriental Chalcididae Hymenoptera Book PDF Free Download

Oriental Chalcididae Book PDF Free Download

Oriental Chalcididae By T C Narendran

Head (Figs. 1-3). The maximum width of the head has been measured from the front view (Fig. 1) and dorsal view (Fig. 2, when compared with the thorax.)

The maximum length of the bead has been measured from the top to the anterior margin of the labrum: if the labrum is not seen from the dorsal view then up to the anterior margin of the clypeus.

Both the labrum and clypeal margin are not seen from the anterior view and then down to the anterior margin of the visible part of the front.

Postorbital carinae and geno temporal regions are shown in Fig. 3. The POL and OOL are shown in Fig. 2. The antennae are as shown in Fig. 4.

Thorax. The maximum length and winds are taken from the dorsal side (Fig. 5.). Length is measured from the apex of the pronotal neck to the posterior end of the propodeum.

The maximum width of the thorax included tegulae also. The forewing veins are shown in Fig 6. The hind leg is as shown in Fig. J.

Gaster (Fig. 8). The maximum length is measured from the dorsal side, from the basal margin of the petiole if the petiole is visible from the dorsal, side to the apes of the ovipositor sheath corps otherwise specified.

Hind tibia is almost straightly truncated at apes and with two spurs (Figs, 20, 29, 30). if apex with a curved spine (Fig. 147) then tibia without spars at peak. (Haltichelinac).

Hind tibia uniquely truncated at apex, forming a strong spine extended beyond the insertion of Linas (Figs 21, 234, 270, 294, 181) between the tip of spine od sari usually only on par (often inconspicuous… 130

  1. Marginal vein of foresing at the wing murkier postsurgical vem distinctly developed occasionally short but often long signal vein distinctly developed (Figs 88 92 1251 Hadice Marginal vela situated slightly removed tror nar.

gin: post marginal vein lacking: signal consuls ramen are: body of spangly puncture (Fig. 15 as)

  1. Scurellum greatly bachs. In est cosmically operationally arched (Fig 112 ) a side view and hand sapin overhanging the frenum; mesoscutum bighly dons an internet pod branches.
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Oriental Chalcididae Book PDF Free Download

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