Vedantasara Of Sadananda By Swami Nikhilananda PDF

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Vedantasara Of Sadananda Book PDF Free Download

Vedantasara Of Sadananda Book PDF Free Download

Vedantasara Of Sadananda

The growing interest in Vedanta, even among people outside the pale of Indian thought is, in a very large measure, due to its freedom from all narrowness.

While it does not discard faith, whatever religion or philosophy may inculcate it, it rests ultimately on the light of Reason (Buddhi), a fact which naturally appeals to all rationally inclined minds, in every part of the world.

This is the secret of its strength as well as its attraction. Further, its special value lies in the fact that it seeks the fruit of the knowledge of Truth in this life, not in any world to come after death.

It is the effect of Vedantic knowledge on man’s life here below, that is of the highest consequence to the Vedantist.

The teachings, therefore, lay great emphasis on moral discipline as a sine qua non of even understanding Vedantic truths.

Vedantasára is one of the best-known epitomes (Prakarana Granthas) of the philosophy of the Upanishads, as taught by Sankaracharya, whose followers are said to number the largest in India.

Of this treatise, there have been published many good editions and careful translations into English, besides other languages.

The latest is that of Prof. Hiriyanna of Mysore, a scholarly work. The object of the present under taking is not to supersede such works.

But only to place before the public some of the special features of the excellent commentaries on it, which are not at present accessible to those that do not know Sanskrit.

The great popularity of this treatise is indicated not only by the translations but also by the number of commentaries written on it.

Of these, Subodhini, Balabodhini, and Vidsanmanoranjani are well-known.

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Vedantasara Of Sadananda Book PDF Free Download

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