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The Wonder That Was India Book PDF Free Download

The Wonder That Was India Book PDF Free Download

The Wonder That Was India


The ancient civilization of India grew up in a sharply demarcated sub-continent bounded on the north by the world’s largest mountain range the chain of the Himalayan.

Which, with its extensions to cast and west, divides India from the rest of Asia and the world. The barrier, however.

Was at no time an insuperable one, and at all periods both settlers and traders have found their way over the high and desolate pusses into India.

While Indians have carried their commerce and culture beyond her frontiers by the same route.

India’s isolation has never been complete, and the effect of the mountain wall in developing a unique civilization has often been overrated.

The importance of the mountains to India is not so much in the isolation which they give her, as in the fact that they are the source of her two great rivers.

The clouds drifting northwards and westwards in the rainy season discharge the last of their moisture on the high peaks, whence, fed by ever-trading snow, innumerable streams.

How southwards, to meet in the great river systems of the Infos and the Ganga. On their way, they us through small and fertile plateaux, such as the valleys of Kasimir and Nepal, to debouch on the great plain.

Of the two river systems, that of the Indus, now mainly in Paki stan, had the earliest civilization, and gave its name to India.

More than two thousand years before Christ the fertile plain of the Panjab (“Five Rivers”), watered by the five great tributaries of the Indus the Jbelam.

Chen, Rivi, Beas, and Sartaj–hed a high culture, which spread as far as the sea and along the western seaboard at least as far as Gujarat.

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The Wonder That Was India Book PDF Free Download

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