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Art Models 6 The Female Figure In Shadow And Light Pdf Free Download

Female Figure Art Models 6

T: example of fore-shortening and on page 43 I have posed a model somewhat similarly but is about as difficult a pose as you could imagine. Almost every part of her is foreshortened or distorted in some way.

This is done to show you one of those occasions when your brain and your eye have a head-on crash.

Your mind, with its knowledge of what happens when the model stands up and the foreshortening disappears, confuses your eye, which is only trying to draw what it sees at the moment.

Take, for instance, the model’s right leg. You are accustomed to thinking of it as being a certain shape, now you find, when trying to draw it, that you endeavor to indicate all the length from the hip to the knee:

again, the width across the hips is half hidden by the right leg: notice to the very short distance from the shoulder to the waist owing to the model bending forward.

The diagram shows the angle at which these shapes and contours are placed. Note also the way her left hand is propping up the weight of her torso.

The model was sitting on a model throne raised about 18″ above the ground. I was sitting to draw and my eye, therefore, was about level with the model’s shoulders.

Earlier on I explained the importance of understanding the main masses of the figure and their relation to one another. Now when you study these you should also notice how the shapes are affected by perspective.

In the first standing pose the line AA, BB, etc., not only showed the angle at which the different shapes were inclined but also gave some idea of the perspective.

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Art Models 6 The Female Figure in Shadow and Light Book Pdf Free Download

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