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Champak: Children’s Magazine Book PDF Free Download

Champak: Children's Magazine Book PDF Free Download

Champak: Children’s Magazine

Stonehenge Monuments

JUMPY MONKEY’S uncle lived in London. He was a Professor of Geography at the University. Uncle invited Jumpy and his parents to come to London in summer vacations.

Jumpy had been eagerly waiting to go to London someday. That day arrived and Jumpy landed O Champak in London with his parents.

Professor uncle welcomed them at the airport and took them home in his car. He told them that Re would take them to visit Stonehenge monuments the next day.

Jumpy was inquisitive, “But uncle, where are these monuments?” “Dear son, these monuments are situated in the Salisbury Plain which is in the southern part of Britain.

“Tomorrow when we reach there. I will tell you in detail about it. Right now you are tired, take rest,” uncle suggested.

Text day Professor took Jumpy and his parents Next to Salisbury Plain in his case “What are these high stones standing in these plains?” Jumpy was astonished at seeing them.

“These are the Stonehenge monuments. Can you guess the height of these stones?” “How tall are they, uncle?”

“Their height is about 13 feet. They are made of bluestone (dolerite), standing erect for more than 3,000 years experiencing the sun, wind, rain, and hail.

Jumpy and his parents were listening to the Professor with amazement. The Professor advanced. Jumpy too moved with him. But uncle.

Why is this big stone lying on top of these standing stones “To join the top of all the standing stones, the craftsmen have very carefully and meticulously carved the rocks to join the top edges of stones.

They have given it a shape of a circumference.”But who made these monuments 3,000 years earlier, uncle?”

“Dear Jumpy, lots of research have been done on it but all researchers have a different opinion on the subject. “Some believe that white-robed Dravid’s Britain constructed” and Caul provinces them.

“Famous architect Inigo Jones of 17th century gives the credit of making Stonehenge monuments to Roman sculptures But Elliot Smith believes that.

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Champak: Children’s Magazine Book PDF Free Download

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