Africa Continent Political And Physical Map PDF

Africa High Resolution Outline Map PDF Free Download

Africa Physical Map for Student Easy to Study

Blank maps to match the labeling activity for students. You can use this for review or as a way for the class to fill out their maps together. Students can take turns coming to the board to fill out the map.

The only difference between the two sides is that one has the regions outlined in dashed lines on the map. Depending on the age/ability level of students and available resources, you can select which one works best for your class.

The map without the regions will be slightly more difficult for students because it will make them study the atlas or online resources more closely. The one with dashed lines matches the test.

NOTE: The dashed lines represent GENERAL areas and are not drawn to scale. This is especially true for the Great Rift Valley (or East African Rift). It shows the general area only. The map here shows a more detailed view.

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OR,…. Africa Political Map Publish by United Nations Download

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Africa Map Book PDF

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