World Map Political & Physical Map PDF

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World High Resolution Outline Map PDF Free Download

World Map Political & Physical Map

In this post, you can find world map physical and political both.

Here we provide a very high-resolution world map, that is center at Europe and Africa Continent.

2D flat map with the name of all countries written in English language and separated by different colors.

Map with oceans name and denoted prime meridian line. you can download this map from the link given below.

For latitude and measurement, some circles like the equator, Line of Capricorn, Line of Cancer are also given.

Area Of Earth:

The total area of the earth’s surface (land and water) is slightly more than 510 million km² at sea level (100%).

Approximately 360 million km² are water, the salty liquid between the dry land (almost 71%).
The rest, about 29% of the planet’s surface, is dry land, rock, stones, sand, mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes, arable land, etc. The total land area, including Antarctica, is about 150 million km².

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Political World Map

The map shows a representation of the world, the land, and the seas of Earth. And no, the map is not proof that the world is a disc. The map below is a two-dimensional (flat) projection of the global landmass and oceans that cover the surface of our spherical planet.

The map shows the continents, oceans, major countries, and a network of lines (graticules) representing meridians and parallels, the geographic coordinate system.

It is also a political map because it shows the borders between sovereign states. A sovereign state is, in international law, a legal entity represented by a government that has sovereignty (self-determination) over a geographic area.

Political World Map PDF Download

World Political Map PDF By United Nations Download

World Political Map with the famous city of country In very high-resolution formate publishes by texas university…..Download PDF

Physical World Map

World Physical Map with the famous city of country In very high-resolution formate publishes by texas university…Download PDF

Physical-world map pdf by worldmapbank Download

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