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The World at the beginning of the 21st Century would be a place of unimaginable change to our forefathers. Since 1900 the human population has undergone a fourfold growth coupled with an unparalleled development in the technology at our disposal.

The last vestiges of the unknown World are gone, and previously hostile realms claimed for habitation. The advent of aviation technology and the growth of mass tourism have allowed people to travel further and more frequently than ever before.

The atlas is organized by continent, moving eastward from the International Date Line. The opening section describes the world’s structure, systems, and main features.

The Atlas of the World which follows, is a continent-by-continent guide to today’s world, starting with a comprehensive insight into the physical, political, and economic structure of each continent, followed by detailed maps of carefully selected geopolitical regions.


The Solar System

The Physical World

Structure of the Earth.

Shaping the Landscape.

The World’s Oceans.

The Global Climate..

Life on Earth.

Man’s Impact on the Environment.

Population & Settlement.

Languages & Religion

World Health

Water Resources.

The Economic System.

Global Communication..

The Political World.

States, Borders, Conflicts & Disputes

Standard Time Zones.

North America

North America Political.

North America Physical

North America satellite image


Northern Canada.

Western Canada.

Southwest Canada.

Eastern Canada.

United States of America…

US: NE States & Southeast Canada

US: Boston to Washington DC.

US: Eastern States

US: Southeast States.

US: Texas.

US: Great Lakes States..

US: Great Plains States. US: Northwest States.

US: Southwest States.

US: California…

US: Alaska & Hawaii..

Northern Mexico.

Southern Mexico

Central America….

The Caribbean North American City Plans..


South America…

South America Political.

South America Physical…

South America satellite image. T

Northern South America…..

Western South America

including Galapagos… Amazon Basin

Eastern Brazil..

Southeast Brazil.

Central South America.

River Plate.

Southern Argentina & Chile.

Central Chile and Argentina.

South America City Plans.


Africa Political…

Africa Physical…

Africa satellite image.

Northeast Africa.

Northwest Africa…

West Africa including Cape Verde…….

Central Africa..

East Africa…….

Southern Africa including

Madagascar and Comoros

South Africa. Africa City Plans


Europe Political.

Europe Physical.

Europe satellite image.

Scandinavia, Finland & Iceland.

United Kingdom & Ireland

Northern Britain & Ireland

Southern Britain

The Low Countries


Northern France

Southern France & the Pyrenees..

The Iberian Peninsula..

Southern Iberia…

The Italian Peninsula….

The Alpine States & Northern Italy…


Rhineland & Hamburg

Central Europe.

Southeast Europe


Romania, Moldova & Ukraine.

The Baltic States & Belarus

Russian Federation.

Northern European Russia. Southern

European Russia. The Mediterranean.

European City Plans.


Asia Political………

Asia Physical. Asia satellite image.

Southwest Asia….

Turkey & the Caucasus….

The Near East

Israel & Lebanon

The Arabian Peninsula.


Central & South Asia.


Central Asia

Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Northern India, Nepal

& Bangladesh.

Southern India & Sri Lanka..

East Asia

Western China

Southeast China.

Yangtze River Valley..

Yellow River Valley.

Northeast Chin

Korea & Japan..

Southern Japan….

Northern Japan.

Southeast Asia.

Mainland Southeast Asia.

Western Maritime Southeast Asia

Eastern Maritime Southeast Asia


Asian City Plans


Australasia & Oceania.

Australasia & Oceania Political.

Australasia & Oceania Physical.

Australasia & Oceania satellite image


Southeast Australia..

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea & Melanesia………



Pacific Ocean…

Indian Ocean………

Atlantic Ocean


The Arctic.

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