Zlateh The Goat By Isaac Bashevis Singer PDF

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Zlateh The Goat Book PDF Free Download

Zlateh The Goat Book PDF Free Download

Zlateh The Goat

Aaron put on his quilted jacket and a cap with earmuffs, bound a rope around Zlatch’s neck, and took along two slices of bread with cheese to eat on the road.

Aaron was supposed to deliver the goat by evening, spend the night at the butcher’s, and return the next day with the money.

While the family said goodbye to the goat, and Aaron placed the rope around her neck. Zlateh stood as patiently and good-naturedly as ever.

She licked Reuven’s hand. She shook her small white beard Zlatch trusted human beings. She knew that they always fed her and never did her any harm.

When Aaron brought her out on the road to town, she seemed somewhat astonished. She’d never been led in that direction before.

She looked back at him questioningly, as if to say, “Where are you taking me! But after a while, she seemed to come to the conclusion that a goat shouldn’t ask questions.

Still, the road was different. They passed new fields, pastures, and huts with thatched roofs. Here and there a dog barked and came running after them, but Aaron chased it away with his stick.

The sun was shining when Aaron left the village. Suddenly the weather changed. A large black cloud with a bluish center appeared in the east and spread itself rapidly over the sky.

A cold wind blew in with it. The crows flew low, croaking. At first, it looked as if it would rain, but instead, it began to hail as in summer.

It was early in the day, but it became dark as dusk. After a while, the hail turned to snow In his twelve years, Aaron had seen all kinds of weather, but he had never experienced snow like this one.

It was so dense it shut out the light of the day. In a short time, their path was completely covered. The wind became as cold as ice.

AuthorIsaac Bashevis Singer
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Zlateh The Goat Book PDF Free Download

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