The Challenge To Liberty By Herbert Hoover PDF

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The Challenge To Liberty Book PDF Free Download

The Challenge To Liberty Book PDF Free Download

The Challenge To Liberty By Herbert Hoover

Some twelve years ago, after seven years of intimate and poignant participation in the backwash of war and revolution, I published a small book on the development and ideals of American Individualism.

That essay was devoted to a survey of the American System from the point of view of the individual, in contrast with the individual under other social philosophies, rather than to the broader aspect of government.

At that time the scene was the post-war sweep of revolution over one-third of the world. Great theories spun by dreamers to remedy pressing human ills then had come to the front of men’s minds.

Magic formulas had sprung to life with the promise of dissolving all troubles; great masses of people had flocked to these new banners in hopes born of misery and despair

As the storm of war and revolution and overwrought emotions subsided, there was left with us of the United States even then much unrest, much discontent with the sure forces of human advancement.

The partisans of some of these other brands of social schemes challenge us to comparison; and some of their partisans, even among our own people.

Are increasing in their agitation that we adopt one or another or parts of their devices in place of our tried individualism.

They insist that our social foundations are exhausted, that like Feudalism and Autocracy, America’s plan has served its purpose that it must be abandoned.

There are those who have been left in sober doubt of our institutions or are confounded by bewildering catchwords or vivid phrases.

For in this welter of discussions there is much attempt to glorify or defame social and economic forces with phrases. Nor, indeed, should we disregard the potency of some of these phrases in their stir to action.

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The Challenge To Liberty Book PDF Free Download

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