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The Discovery Of The Child

I have no intention of producing a treatise on Scientific Pedagogy; these preliminary notes have the modest aim of making known the rather interesting results of a teaching experience.

Which would seem to open up a way for the practice oral application of new methods, capable of giving to teaching ik wider application of scientific experiments.

Without depriving it of its natural lases on theoretical principles. It is assented in an exaggerated manner and has been talked of for many years, that pedagogy.

As has already been done in medicine, should tend to forsake the purely theoretical fields in order to set its bases on the positive findings of experiments.

The physiological or experimental psychology which, from Weber and Frelmer to Wandt and Binet, has come be organized into a new science.

Would seem to be destined to furnish for it that substratum of preparation which the old psychology furnished to philosophie pedagogy.

And morphological anthropology also, when applied to the physical study of the pupils, appears to furnish another link with the new pedagogy.

But the truth is that the so-called scientific pedagogy has never yet been either worked out or defined. It is something vague about which one talks, but which, in reality, does not exist.

“For several years I have struggled with an idea which, the more I think of it, the more do I find right and useful for human instruction and education.

It is that, if we are to have natural methods to attain these objects, it is necessary that we have numerous exact and reasoned observations made about men.

And particularly about the stage of infancy, in which there must be laid the foundations of education and culture.”

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The Discovery Of The Child Book PDF Free Download

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