Who’s Who Of Indian Writers By S Balu Rao PDF

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Who’s Who Of Indian Writers Book PDF Free Download

Who's Who Of Indian Writers Book PDF Free Download

Who’s Who Of Indian Writers

If the first edition of the Who’s Who of Indian Writers, published in 1961, was a venture in a new field till then unexplored.

The present one of 1983 goes a step further inasmuch as our aim in this has not been merely to provide information.

But make it as detailed as possible and present it with greater accuracy and better method.

The first edition consisted of 410 pages in Demy octavo size and carried, on average, 14 entries per page.

Whereas the edition on hand has over 730 pages in the larger Royal octavo with about eight Entries per page.

Thus, notwithstanding the slightly larger typeface used, the information provided about each writer is more than double of the first edition.

Soon after the project of the present edition was taken in hand, the Akademi devised a new Entry Form running into four foolscap pages seeking comprehensive, yet precise information under 19 heads from writers.

Over 11,000 such forms were sent out to writers in all the Indian languages recognized by the Sahitya Akademi, either at their request in response to the advertisement in the press or by the Akademi on its own.

The Who’s Who was not meant to be a selective one, except that it was to cover only writers, but not authors.

A writer, by the dictionary meaning, is ‘one who writes, compiles or produces a literary composition’.

The only criterion for the eligibility of an entry in the Who’s Who was that a writer should have published at least one book in any branch of literature.

Creative or critical, or in any of the allied fields like Prosody, Rhetorics, Linguistics, etc, or in the humanities.

Authors of works in other disciplines or of a highly technical nature even. in the humanities as well as of Textbooks, Cribs, Keys and Guides, Ephemerals, etc.

Had necessarily to be excluded. All these to the extent that we could make out from the meager particulars furnished by the writers themselves in the list of their publications.

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Who’s Who Of Indian Writers Book PDF Free Download

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