The Thurber Carnival By James Thurber PDF

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The Thurber Carnival Book PDF Free Download

The Thurber Carnival Book PDF Free Download

The Thurber Carnival

The train was twenty minutes late, we found out when we bought our tickets, so we sat down on a bench in the little waiting room of the Cornwall Bridge station.

It was too hot outside in the sun. This midsummer Saturday had got off to a sulky start, and now, at three in the afternoon, it sat, sticky and restive, in our laps.

There were several others besides Sylvia and me waiting for the train to get in from Pittsfield.

A colored woman who fanned herself with a Daily News, a young lady in her twenties reading a book, a slender, tanned man sucking dreamily on the stem of an unlighted pipe.

In the center of the room, leaning against a high iron radiator, a-small stared at each of us in turn, her mouth open, as if she had never seen people before.

The place had the familiar, pleasant smell of railroad stations in the country, of something compounded of wood and leather and smoke.

In the cramped space behind the ticket window, a telegraph instrument clicked intermittently, and once or twice a phone rang and the stationmaster answered it briefly.

I couldn’t hear what he said. I was glad, on such a day, that we were going only as far as Gaylordsville, the third stop down the line, twenty-two minutes away.

The stationmaster had told us that our tickets were the first tickets to Gaylordsville he had ever sold. I was idly pondering this small distinction when a train whistle blew in the distance.

We all got to our feet, but the stationmaster came out of his cubbyhole and told us it was not our train but the 12:45 from New York, northbound.

Presently the train thundered in like a hurricane and sighed ponderously to a stop. The stationmaster went out onto the platform and came back after a minute or two.

The train got heavily underway again, for Canaan.

I was opening a pack of cigarettes when I heard the station master talking on the phone again. This time his words came out clearly. He kept repeating one sentence.

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The Thurber Carnival Book PDF Free Download

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