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Vitamin Deficiency Diseases


‰The term vitamin E describes a family of 8 antioxidants, 4 tocopherols (α,β,γ, &,δ) and4 tocotrienols.

‰α-tocopherol is the active form of vitamin E in the human body.


• The primary function of vitamin E is antioxidant. It intercepts free radicals & prevents the destruction of the cell membranes.
• It protects the fat in LDL from oxidation.
• It inhibits platelet aggregation.
• It enhances vasodilatation.
• It inhibits the activity of protein kinase C.

Vitamin E Dietary Sources

‰ Vegetable oils
‰ Almonds & peanuts
‰ Avocado
‰ Spinach
‰ Carrots (least)

Vitamin E deficiency

•Severe vitamin E deficiency causes Neurological symptoms (impaired coordination) & muscle weakness.
Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

Hemolytic anaemia in children


‰Severe PEM
‰Genetic defects affecting the transfer protein of α-tocopherol
‰ Fat malabsorption syndrome


‰ Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
‰ Diabetes Mellitus
‰ Cancer prevention
‰ Boost immunity
‰ Dementia


Excess vitamin E may cause 9 Impaired blood clotting leading to an increased risk of bleeding in some persons.

9It is recommended that vitamin E supplements to be stopped one month before elective surgery.


The K is derived from the German word Coagulation.

There are 2 naturally occurring forms of vitamin K. Plants synthesize phylloquinone (vitamin K1) & bacteria synthesize menaquinone-3 (Vit K2).

Menaquinone-4 is produced in animals from vit K1, but its function is yet to be discovered.

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Vitamins And Their Deficiency Diseases PDF Free Download

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