Vedic Mathematics PDF For All Ages: A Beginner’s Guide

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The whole number system is made up of only 9 numbers (1-9) and lenses. All these numbers repeat themselves in a specific order after numbers like 10, 100, 2000, and so on.

These numbers which have one as the first digit, followed by zeros are called bases. The most interesting feature of Vedic mathematics makes it fast and enjoyable, ie the fact.

That here we convert our big numbers into smaller numbers and do the calculations with them. And guess what 7 We still get the same answer, as we would have from calculations made wearing those big numbers.

Example-Instead of doing any mathematical operation from 87 we convert 87 into a small number and perform the same operation from it. Now how do we break up 57 into a smaller number?

We don’t randomly convert the number into any small number but we do this by subtracting 87 from its nearest hase.

As 87 is close to 100 so 100 is its closest bus and we subtract 87 fr 00 100-17-13 This 11 is called the Complement of 87.

Any number when subtracted from its nearest base will give its complement Now if we perform any mathematical operation like multiplication, division, or any other operation by 13.

We get the same answer as done be by 87 in the usual way. Doesn’t this sound interesting? This is what makes Vedic mathematics most interesting, logical, and fast.

We will notice that it is easier to find the complement of smaller numbers but what do we do to find out the complement of bigger numbers?

For this, we have an apt sutra that comes very handy in finding the complement of any random number called.

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Vedic Mathematics PDF Free Download

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