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Here let us stand, close by the cathedral. Here let us wait. Are we drawn by danger? Is it the knowledge of safety, that draws our feet Towards the cathedral?

What danger can be For us, the poor, the poor women of Canterbury? what tribulation With which we are not already familiar?

There is no danger For us, and there is no safety in the cathedral. Some presage of an act Which our eyes are compelled to witness has forced our feet Towards the cathedral.

We are forced to bear witness. Since golden October declined into Sobre November And the apples were gathered and stored, and the land became brown sharp points of death in a waste of water and mud.

The New Year waits, breathes, waits, whispers in the darkness. While the laborer kicks off a muddy boot and stretches his hand to the fire.

The New Year waits, destiny waits for the coming. Who has stretched out his hand to the fire and remembered the Saints at All Hallows, Remembered the martyrs and saints who wait?

And who shall Stretch out his hand to the fire, and deny his master who shall be warm By the fire, and deny his master?

Seven years and the summer is over Seven years since the Archbishop left us, He who was always kind to his people.

But it would not be well if he should return. King rules or barons rule; We have suffered various oppression, But mostly we are left to our own devices, And we are content if we are left alone.

We try to keep our households in order; The merchant, shy and cautious, try to compile a little fortune, And the laborer bends to his piece of earth, earth color, his own color.

Preferring to pass unobserved. Now I fear disturbance of the quiet seasons: Winter shall come bringing death from the sea, Ruinous spring shall beat at our doors.

Root and shoot shall eat our eyes and our ears, Disastrous summer burn up the beds of our streams And the poor shall wait for another decaying October.

AuthorT.S. Eliot
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Murder In The Cathedral Book PDF Free Download

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