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Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka

There is probably no subject so badly understood as astrology, on which so many pretend to know, sadly on which so many are ready to express an opinion.

The Indian proverb truly says that there is no man who is not a little bit of a physician and astrologer, And it is equally true that there is no subject that is as less understood as these two.

The fact is that there are so many broad medical and astrological theories that everyone learns some of them as needed, but experiences difficulty in mastering them all.

It would be interesting to note the various subjects with which astrology is concerned. Individuals with well-developed intuition are often found to correctly predict events.

Yogi is such a person. His unique knowledge is certainly not the result of any study of astrological works.

We also find another section of men who imitate these men and also make astonishing statements. Birmingham gold is often taken for sterling gold, German silver is taken for pure silver and we have a variety of inferior stones, white, red, and green, often mistaken for diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

The world is full of this dual character of things. Each division of true knowledge has its lower counterpart; And so we have many people who, having no occult powers, take the help of some elemental spirits, practicing imposition on the ignorant masses.

But the world is not without a touchstone for ascertaining the hollowness of their prejudices: these people will give you few accurate details about events of the distant past, redoing many details.

Keeping track of recent events, a detail or two about the immediate future, and no details at all about the distant future. I know these people and have tested the veracity of their statements.

These people pretend to be astrologers. Some of them have no books at all and make astonishing statements in prose and verse in an improvised sing-song style and without effort touching on past events, even when the questioner is a complete stranger; while others show you some giant ancient Karljan book and pretend to read from its pages.

This was just like the way Colonel Olcott’s questions were recently answered by a Brahmin astrologer who pretended to read from the pages of the works of the great Bhomakavi (according to the May 1885 issue of Theosophist).

I bet neither Colonel Olcottfner nor his intelligent friends ever looked at this!! Go through the book to see if what was read was actually written, and if so, whether the writing was not fresh.

In all these cases the astrologer, if he is an astrologer, stubbornly refuses to allow others to see his book; Because, he says, he is not allowed to do so by the book of god! There is another wonderful man in Pondicherry at the moment. He pretends to read Naudikeswara’s works.

Such astrologers are earning huge amounts. The statements he gives are really surprising. But for the sake of these and the way they are made, the complete lack of preparation, and things like that, I should have been inclined to discard the element of the help of complementary spirits.

Those who will object to this, they should investigate the matter and then give their opinion.

Nothing can be more ridiculous than that young men in particular, in their public speeches, take astrology as the first subject of their attack.

It is a subject to which they pay little or no attention other than derision. In answer to all your questions, how do you prove this condition-

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Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka PDF Free Download

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