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Chapter: One

Why the fuck did you have to move? Ishaan’s scream drowned out the stadium din on the TV. I had shifted up to a sofa from the floor.

“Huh?’ I said. We were in Ishaan’s house Ishaan, Omi, and I. Ishaan’s mom had brought in tea and chakra for us. It is more comfortable to snack on the sofa. That is why I moved.’

Tendulkar’s gone. Fuck, now at this stage. Omi, don’t you dare move now. Nobody moves for the next five overs.”

I looked at the TV. We were chasing 283 to win. India’s score a ball ago was 256-2 after forty-five overs.

Twenty-seven runs in five overs, with eight wickets to spare and Tendulkar on the crease. A cakewalk. The odds were still in India’s favor, but Tendulkar was out. And that explained the frowns on Ishaan’s forehead.

The khakra’s crispy, Omi said. Ishaar glared at Omi, chiding him for his shallow sensory pleasure in a moment of national grief. Omi and I kept our teacups aside and looked suitably mournful.

The crowd clapped as Tendulkar made his exit. Jadeja came to the crease and added six more runs. End of forty-six overs, India 262/3. Twenty-one more runs to win in four overs, with seven wickets in hand.

Over 46

‘He made 122. The guy did his job. Just a few final closing shots left. Why are you getting so worked up? I asked during a commercial break.

The next morning I don’t know why we even bothered to switch on the TV. India struggled to stretch their first innings but picked up before lunch at 171 all out.

And the Australians have asked India to follow on, the commentator said and 1 slapped my forehead. A defeat in a test match was one thing, but an innings defeat meant empty parks for weeks.

Kids would rather read textbooks than play cricket and be reminded of India’s humiliation. Why on earth had I started this business? What an idiot I am?

Why couldn’t I open a sweet shop instead? Indians would always eat sweets. Why sports? Why cricket?

That’s fucking-follow-on-fantastic,’ Ish said, inventing his own phrases for the ent. He clenched his fist and came dangerously 1 lose to the TV. We had a moment.

them by their balls at 291/8, and now I hey ask us to follow on? Should we turn off the TV? 1 said. Should we close the shop for good?

I thought. ‘Wait, I want to see this. I want to see how our team makes eye contact when they lose so badly, Ish said. They are not making eye contact.

You are just watching them on TV. Omni said. If this match is a draw, I will treat you all to dinner. Ok, two dinners,’ Ish said. For its second innings, India made one change.

It replaced the opener, Ramesh, with another new guy called Laxman. The team is full of people with contacts.

Everyone is getting their turn today, Ish said as the Indian openers took the crease for the second follow-on innings But Laxman connected with the ball and bat.

He slammed four after four. At the end of the third day, India stood at a respectable 254/4. Adding that to the first innings score of 171, India needed only 20 runs to match Australia’s first innings of 445.

Ahmedabad is my city. It is strange, but if you have had happy times in a city for a long time, you consider it the best city in the world. I feel the same about Ahmedabad.

I know it is not one of those hip cities like Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore.

I know people in these cities think of Ahmedabad as a small town, though that is not really the case. Ahmedabad is the sixth largest city in India, with a population of over five million.

But I guess if you have to emphasise the importance of something, then it probably isn’t as important in the first place.

I could tell you that Ahmedabad has better multiplexes than Delhi or nicer roads than Bombay or better restaurants than Bangalore – but you will not believe me.

Or even if you do, you won’t give a damn. I know Belrampur is not Bandra, but why should I defend being called a small-town-person as if it is a bad thing? A funny thing about small towns is that people say it is the real India.

I guess they do acknowledge that at one level the India of the big cities is fake.

Yes, I am from the old city of Amdavad and proud of it. We don’t have as many fashion shows and we still like our women to wear clothes. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I stepped out of Qazi and continued my way home, turning in the pol towards Omi’s temple. Of course, we called it Omi’s temple because he lived there, but the official name was the Swamibhakti temple.

As I entered the by lane, two people fought over garbage disposal around the crammed pol.

There are things about my small town neighbourhood that I want to change. In some ways, it is way behind the rest of Ahmedabad. For one, the whole old city could be a lot cleaner.

The new city across the other side of the Sabarmati river has gleaming glass and steel buildings, while the old city finds it difficult to get rubbish cleared on time.

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