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Half Girlfriend

I prepared a proposal for Ojha as per his directions. We proposed Bill Gates make a visit to a self-run, not-for-profit school.

We would celebrate the annual day of the Dumraon Royal School with Mr Gates as chief guest. The MLA forwarded the proposal to the rural ministry.

They have ninety requests, Ojha said, ‘and he can only visit ten places during his trip. So they will shortlist and let us know.’ I didn’t realize there would be so much competition, I said, surprised.

I’m going to Patna tomorrow. Come with me and I’ll introduce you to the ministry people. You can persuade them.” I accompanied the MLA in his lal-batti car on the three-hour ride to Patna.

We reached the state government offices. I met Mr. Shyam Kaushal, a middle-aged official in the rural welfare ministry, in his dusty office.

He wore a grey safari suit that I think all government employees get free with their offer letters *Headache. This whole Gates trip is a headache, he said and held his head,

He showed me the file of requests. Alongside, another fat file contained press requests for interviews, communication with the foundation, and papers on various official government functions being planned

Why do we go crazy over these white guys visiting India? Mr. Kaushal said. Because of this white guy, my school will get a whitewash, I said.

Do you speak good English?” he said. Because they will call you many times I manage, I saİd. Manage means what When lie comes, who will talk to him

I will What will he see in your annual day loss a Hindi medium school The entire program will be in Hindi.

If she weren’t tall I wouldn’t have noticed her. It is funny how her height shaped my life.

If she had been four inches shorter, my eyes may never have met hers and everything would have been different.

If I had not been bored and arrived at the basketball court an hour earlier, it would have been different.

If someone had not missed a pass and the ball had not come out of the court and hit me on the head, I would have had a different life.

Tiny bumps in time shape our lives, even though we spend hours trying to make long-term plans.

I had no plan to meet the love of my life on a basketball court. I was there only to kill time and because I had nowhere else to go.

A small crowd of students, mostly men, had gathered around the Stephen’s basketball court. Girls’ sports trials always garnered an audience — there was no better excuse to check them out. Everyone spoke in English.

I didn’t speak at all. I straightened my back and stared at the court with a sense of purpose, mainly to come across as if I belonged there.

As ten girls came on to the court, the crowd cheered. Five of the girls belonged to the existing college team; the other five had applied for admission under the sports quota.

Piyush came to the centie of the court, ball in hand and whistle in mouth. As he blew it, the girls sprang into action.

Five feet, nine inches is tall for an Indian girl. It is tall even for a girl in a basketball team.

Her long neck, long arms and long legs held every guy’s attention. She was a part of the sports-quota applicants’ team.

She wore black fitted shorts and a sleeveless sports vest with ‘R’ printed in yellow at the back. She collected the ball within seconds.

She wore expensive Nike ankle-length sneakers, the kind I had seen NBA players wear on TV.

Her diamond earrings twinkled in die sun. She dribbled the ball with her right hand. I noticed she had long, beautiful fingers.

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