Half Girlfriend PDF By Chetan Bhagat Download

Half Girlfriend By Chetan Bhagat Book PDF Free Download

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I prepared a proposal for Ojha as per his directions. We proposed Bill Gates make a visit to a self-run, not-for-profit school.

We would celebrate the annual day of the Dumraon Royal School with Mr Gates as chief guest. The MLA forwarded the proposal to the rural ministry.

They have ninety requests, Ojha said, ‘and he can only visit ten places during his trip. So they will shortlist and let us know.’ I didn’t realize there would be so much competition, I said, surprised.

I’m going to Patna tomorrow. Come with me and I’ll introduce you to the ministry people. You can persuade them.” I accompanied the MLA in his lal-batti car on the three-hour ride to Patna.

We reached the state government offices. I met Mr. Shyam Kaushal, a middle-aged official in the rural welfare ministry, in his dusty office.

He wore a grey safari suit that I think all government employees get free with their offer letters *Headache. This whole Gates trip is a headache, he said and held his head,

He showed me the file of requests. Alongside, another fat file contained press requests for interviews, communication with the foundation, and papers on various official government functions being planned

Why do we go crazy over these white guys visiting India? Mr. Kaushal said. Because of this white guy, my school will get a whitewash, I said.

Do you speak good English?” he said. Because they will call you many times I manage, I saİd. Manage means what When lie comes, who will talk to him

I will What will he see in your annual day loss a Hindi medium school The entire program will be in Hindi.

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Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat Book Pdf Free Download

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