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Every Man His Own Detective Book PDF Free Download

Every Man His Own Detective Book PDF Free Download

Every Man His Own Detective

It is a well-established fact in physiognomy, that the face is an unerring index to the human heart.

Those who hold an opinion adverse to this are men incapable of understanding, applying, or testing the value of this useful science.

Delight, anger, fear, shame, guilt, or innocence can be traced in the expression of the face by any intelligent observer.

And the educated eye of the detective may, with unerring certainty, distinguish guilt from innocence by a study of the human face alone.

It is true that physiognomy as science has fallen into disuse, but that, I take it, is owing to the fact that most professors of the art attempted to lay.

Down rules of judging men’s tempers and dispositions by the cast or mold of the features, instead of by the shade or expression of the face, and, as a matter of course, signally failed.

I have met with many a good and amiable person with as bad a cast of features as ever were turned out of nature’s mold.

But never came across a single individual possessing a bad heart or evil disposition with a cheerful, open, honest, inviting expression of face, however, regular and well-formed the features.

Of course, it requires careful training to educate the eye to distinguish the outward physical indications of inward thought and feeling in the expression of the human face, but it can be successfully accomplished for all that.

Indeed, it will appear to anyone who has given the subject the least consideration, that the human race is naturally endowed with this faculty from earliest infancy.

But gradually loses the power, so to speak, of thought-reading, through sheer negligence and want of practice as adult life is approached.

The case with which the eye of an infant can distinguish the outward physical indication of an inward feeling of joy, pleasure, or anger, in the face of a parent is a clear illustration of this view.

AuthorR Reid
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Every Man His Own Detective Book PDF Free Download

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