The Snake Trying Class 9th PDF

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The Snake Trying Class 9th PDF Free Download

The Snake Trying Class 9th

The snake trying
to escape the pursuing stick,
with sudden curvings of thin
long body. How beautiful
and graceful are his shapes!
He glides through the water away
from the stroke. O let him go
over the water
into the reeds to hide
without hurt. Small and green
he is harmless even to children.
Along the sand
he lay until observed
and chased away, and now
he vanishes in the ripples
among the green slim reeds.
reeds: water or marsh plants with thick stems
Thinking about the Poem
I. 1. What is the snake trying to escape from?

  1. Is it a harmful snake? What is its color?
  2. The poet finds the snake beautiful. Find the words he uses to convey its beauty.
  3. What does the poet wish for the snake?
  4. Where was the snake before anyone saw it and chased it away? Where does
    the snake disappear

Green Snake
Early morning, the day before yesterday,
under a slab of stone,
in a crack,
eyes glittering,
forked tongue licking and flashing,
a frog swelling his belly,
he lay there quietly:
a baby snake, two hands long,
a green snake.
“Poor thing. It’s a green snake. Still a baby.
What harm can it do?” I said.
My father replied,
“A snake’s a snake.”
And mother,
“That’s where everyone walks.
We don’t need trouble. Kill it.”
“I can’t,” I said.
Father struck him with a piece of firewood,
chased him outside,
and killed him flat

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The Snake Trying Class 9th PDF Free Download

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