A House is Not A Home Class 9th PDF

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A House is Not A Home Class 9th

My first year of high school felt awkward. After leaving junior high at the head of my class with all the seniority the upper-grade levels could afford me, it felt strange starting over as a freshman.

The school was twice as big as my old school, and to make matters worse, my closest friends were sent to a different high school.

I felt very isolated.

I missed my old teachers so much that I would go back and visit them. They would encourage me to get involved in school activities so that I could meet new people.

They told me that in time I would adjust and probably end up loving my new school more than I had my old one.

They made me promise that when that happened I would still come by and visit them from time to
time. I understood the psychology in what they were saying, but I took some comfort in it nonetheless.

One Sunday afternoon, not long after I had started high school, I was sitting at home at our dining-room table doing homework. It was a cold and windy fall day, and we had a fire going in our fireplace.

As usual, my red tabby cat was lying on top of all my papers, purring loudly and occasionally swatting at my pen for entertainment’s sake.

She was never far from me. I had rescued her when she was a kitten, and somehow she knew that I was the one responsible for giving her ‘the good life’.

My mother kept stoking the fire to keep the house nice and warm. Suddenly, I smelled something strange, and then I noticed it… smoke pouring in through the seams of the ceiling.

The smoke began to fill the room so quickly that we could barely see. Groping

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A House is Not A Home Class 9th PDF Free Download

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