The Rules of Work: A Definitive Code for Personal Success PDF

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The Rules of Work Book PDF Free Download

The Rules of Work Book PDF Free Download

The Rules of Work

1 first started formulating The Rules of Work many, many years ago when I was an assistant manager.

There was a promotion going for the next step up-manager. There were two possible candidates, myself and Rob.

On paper I had more experience, more expertise, most of the staff wanted me as their manager, and

I generally knew the new job better. Rob, to be honest, was useless.

I was chatting with an outside consultant the company used and asked him what he thought my chances were. “Slim,” he replied. I was indignant.

I explained all about my experience. my expertise, my superior abilities. “Yep,” he replied, “but you don’t walk like a manager.” “And Rob does?”

“Yep, that’s about the strength of it.” Needless to say he was quite right, and Rob got the job. I had to work under a moron. But a moron who walked right.

I studied that walk very carefully The consultant was spot on-there was a manager’s walk.

I began to notice that every employee, every job, everyone in fact, had their walk.

Receptionists walked in a particular way. as did the cashiers, the catering staff, the office workers, the admin, the security staff-and the managers, of course. Secretly.

Get Your Work Noticed

It’s all too easy for your work to get overlooked in the busy hurly-burly of office life. You’re slaving away, and

it can be hard to remember that you need to put in some effort to boost your individual status and personal kudos for your work. But it’s important

You have to make your mark so you stand out and your promotional potential will be realized.

  • Only submit a report occasionally.
  • Make really sure that your report will actually work-that it will do good or provide benefits.
  • Make sure your name is prominently displayed.
  • Make sure the report will be seen not only by your boss but by his boss as well.
  • It doesn’t have to be a report-it can be an article in the company newsletter.
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The Rules of Work Book PDF Free Download

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