The Collected Poetry By W H Auden PDF

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The Collected Poetry By W H Auden Book PDF Free Download

The Collected Poetry By W H Auden Book PDF Free Download

Auden Poems

Kairos and Logos

Around them boomed the rhetoric of the time, The smells and furniture of the known world Where conscience worshipped an aesthetic order.

And what was unsuccessful was condemned: And, at the center of its vast self-love, The emperor and his pleasures, dreading death.

In lovely verse that military order, Transferring its obsession onto time, Besieged the body and cuckolded love;

Puzzling the boys of an athletic world, These only feared another kind of Death To which the time-obsessed are all condemned.

Night and the rivers sang a chthonic love, Destroyer of cities and the daylight order, But seemed to them weak arguments for death.

The apple tree that cannot measure time Might taste the apple yet not be condemned: They, to enjoy it, must renounce the world.

Friendly to what the sensual call death, Placing their lives below the dogs who love Their fallen masters and are not condemned.

They came to life within a dying order; Outside the sunshine of its civil world, The savage waited their appointed time.

Its brilliant self-assertion was condemned To interest the forest and draw death On aqueducts and learning, yet the world.

Through them, had witnessed, when predestined love Fell like a daring meteor into time, The condescension of eternal order.

So, sown in little clumps about the world, The fair, the faithful, and the uncondemned Broke out spontaneously all over time.

Setting against the random facts of death A ground and possibility of order, Against defeat the certainty of love.

And never, like its own, condemned the world Or hated time, but sang until their death: “O Thou who lovest, set its love in order.”

AuthorW H Auden
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The Collected Poetry By W H Auden Book PDF Free Download

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