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The Case For India By Will Durant Book PDF Free Download

The Case For India

I wish to speak, in this chapter, with unaccustomed partiality and passion. I am poorly qualified to write of India: I have merely crossed it twice between east and west.

And once from north to south, and see hardly a dozen of its cities. And though I have prepared myself with the careful study of a hundred volumes.

This has all the more convinced me that my knowledge is trifling and fragmentary in the face of a civilization five thousand years old.

Endlessly rich in philosophy, literature, religion, and art, and infinitely appealing in its ruined grandeur and its weaponless struggle for liberty.

If I write at all it is not only because I feel deeply about India, but because life cannot wait till knowledge is complete. One must speak out and take sides before the fight is over.

I have seen great people starving to death before my eves, and I am convinced that this exhaustion and starvation are due not.

As their beneficiaries claim, to over-population and superstition, but to the most sordid and criminal exploitation of one nation by another in all recorded history.

Propose to show that England has year by year been bleeding India to the point of death, and that self-government of India by the Hindus could not, within any reasonable probability.

Have worse results than the present form of alien domination. I shall limit myself in this chapter to presenting the case for India.

Knowing that the case against her has been stated all too well in what may be long remembered as the unfairest book overwritten.

Nevertheless, lest I should merely repeat and reverse that crime, I shall in a later chapter outline the case for England in India as strongly as I can.

In the London Daily Herald of October 17, 1927. Ramsay MacDonald, now Prime Minister of England, declared that further so-called “tutelage of India for self-rule was useless.

She should have self-government at once. He affirmed that India was already fit for self-government and that the only training she required was that of her own experience in liberty.

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The Case For India By Will Durant Book PDF Free Download

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