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Young India Book PDF Free Download

Young India Book By Lala Lajpat Rai

The Indian National Congress, the official organization of the constitutional party, held its annual session at Madras in December 1914.

In the course of his speech, the President remarked: “If English rule in India meant the canonization of a bureaucracy, if it meant perpetual domination and perpetual tutelage, and increasing dead-weight on the soul of India, it would be a curse to civilization and a blot on humanity.”

Again he asks complainingly: “The right to carry arms, the right to bear commissions in the Army and lead our men in the cause of the Empire, the right to form volunteer corps in the defence of hearth and home, how long will these be denied to the Indian people?

How long will India toddle on her feet, tied to the apron strings of England? It is time she stood on her own legs.

If England were obliged, as was Imperial Rome in her day, to abandon India in the hour of some great danger, what could be more humiliating to

England and to India alike, then for India to be left unarmed and untrained in the use of arms, as her civil population now is, a prey to internal anarchy and external aggression?

What a commentary would it be, on 150 years of British rule in India, that Eng land found the people strong though disunited and left them helpless and emasculated?”

At Christmas, 1915, the Congress again met under the presidency of Sir S. P. Sinha, who was in 1908 the first Indian appointed to be a member of the Governor General’s Executive Council,

the British Cabinet in India. In the words of an Indian magazine, the speech delivered by him as coming from a man who has obtained “wealth, high position and honor” from the

British connection and who has been “in the inner councils of the Government,” is most significant in its ideals as well as demands.

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Young India Book PDF Free Download

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