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The Loom Of Language Book PDF Free Download

The Loom of Language Book PDF Free Download

The Loom Of Language


LANGUAGE implies more than learning to signal like a firefly or to talk like a parrot. It means more than the unique combination which we call human speech.

It also includes how a man can communicate across continents and down the ages through the impersonal and permanent record which we call writing.

One difference between speech and writing is important to anyone who is trying to learn a foreign language, especially if it is closely related to a language already familiar.

The spoken language of a speech community is continually changing. Where uniformity exists, local dialects crop up.

In less than a thousand years what was a local dialect may become the official speech of a nation that cannot communicate with its neighbors without the help of an interpreter or translator.

Writing does not respond quickly to this process. It may not respond at all. The written word is more conservative than speech.

It perpetuates similarities that are no longer recognizable when people speak, and where two languages have split apart in comparatively recent times.

It is often easy to guess the meaning of written words in one of them if we know the meaning of corresponding words in the other. Indeed we can go far beyond guesswork.

If we know something about the history of sound correspondence (Chapter V, p. 185). To make the best of our knowledge we should also know something about the evolution of writing itself.

The reader will meet illustrations of this again and again in subsequent chapters (especially Chapter VI), and will be able to make good.

Use of rules given in them while wandering about the corridors of the miniature language museum of Part IV. One example must suffice for the present.

The German word for nater is Waner, which looks like its English equivalent on paper. As uttered, it does not. The German letter W stands now for our sound, as the German V in Vater (father) stands for our sound.

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The Loom of Language Book PDF Free Download

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