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Termux Commands for File Management

Termux CommandUsage of Termux Command
lsls is a command that is used to list all the directories and files in the working folder/directory. It is used to list the files/directories so, you can look up a particular file or folder.
ls -als -a helps to list all files and folders along with hidden folders and files in Termux
ls ~ls ~ command is used to list all files and folders in the home directory
ls -lls -l command shows file actions like – modified, date and time, owner of the file, permissions and more.
cpcp command is used to copy a file to another directory. Example: cp image.jpg /droidmaze/webdev to copy image.jpg file to webdev directory
mvmv is used to move a particular file or folder to another folder/directory. It can be used like mv image.jpg /data/webdev to move image.jpg to the webdev directory.
pwdpwd command is used to show current working directory
touchtouch command is used to create files in Termux.
catcat commands are used to display contents of a file.
mkdirmkdir is the command used to create a directory/folder in Termux.
rmrm command is used to remove files from directories.
rm -rrm -r command is used to remove non empty directories.
findfind command is used to find files in Termux terminal.

Termux Commands for Package Management

Termux CommandUsage of Termux Command
pkg searchpkg search command is used to search packages for Termux that you can install later on.
pkg installpkg install command is used to install different packages in the Termux app on Android.
pkg autocleanpkg autoclean command is used to remove all outdated packages cache.
pkg cleanpkg clean command is used to remove all packages from .deb package cache.
pkg filespkg files command is used to show all files installed by packages.
pkg list-allpkg list-all command is used to list all packages available in repositories.
pkg reinstallpkg reinstall command is used to reinstall specified installed packages with their latest version.
pkg showpkg show command is used to show basic metadata like dependencies etc.
pkg uninstallpkg uninstall command is used to uninstall specified packages. However their configuration and packages will remain in Termux.
pkg upgradepkg upgrade is used to upgrade all the currently installed packages.

Termux Commands for Linux utilities

Termux CommandsUsage of Termux Commands
helphelp command lists all the system-level commands for your Termux app.
toptop is a Termux command to display all the background processes. It displays all the background activities and processes in the Terminal. It’s a quite handy command to use in Termux.
historythe history command is used to see all the previous run commands. It will show up a list of all the commands previously used in this Termux session.
aliasalias command is super helpful Termux command. It lets you create an alias for a particular long command which can help you in performing repetitive operations easily. alias is going to save you a lot of time.
exitexit command is helpful and very commonly used Termux command. It lets you exit out of the Termux terminal easily.
df -hdf -h command is used to display the storage usage. It shows how much storage is left and how much is already equipped.
uptimeuptime command shows you the uptime of your Android device.
curlcurl is one of the most important Termux commands that lets you send an HTTP request to a given URL.
envenv command helps you to set up environment variables for your Termux terminal.
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Termux Commands List PDF Free Download

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