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Tantra Yoga

“The Tantras represent a philosophy comprehensive enough to embrace the whole of knowledge, a system of meditation which will produce the power of concentrating the mind upon anything whatsoever, and an art of living which will enable one to utilize each activity of Body, Speech, and Mind, as an aid to the path of Liberation.”


The word “Tantra” implies a process of weaving and expansion. The inner and outer worlds, microcosm and macrocosm, are like the two sides of a fabric.

This fabric, composed of all the elements and energies of the Universe, maybe consciously “woven” by the practice of Tantra Yoga. Tantra is continuity.

Yoga means union. The joining in the union of inner and outer, brought about through Tantric practice, is the goal of all mystical-magical systems both in the East and in the West.

Reality is but a flow of ever-changing forces. Elements, energies, phenomena, events, and actions interact continually.

By means of conscious efforts in accordance with the innate principles of universal harmony, it is possible to create new conditions on the surface of reality.

This is the message of Tantra. The “Tantric” teachings are the accounts of direct Yoga experiences accounts of cosmic unions. Such experiences reveal great knowledge and wisdom.

The rather obscure origins clear somewhat during the early Indus valley periods (circa 3500 B.C.) where at Harappa and Mohenjodaro the excavations have revealed images seated in traditional Yoga postures, and exhibiting the signs of well-developed Yoga philosophy.

Other finds from the same region indicate that the worship of the Male Principle (the Linga: Phallus) and the Female Principle (the Fomi: Vulva),

Was at the basis of a philosophical foundation of systematized Yoga. This became more apparent with the development of the Shaivite and Shakta cults.

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Tantra Yoga Book PDF Free Download

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