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Maya Of Mohenjo Daro

It was five thousand years ago.

In Mohenjo-Daro the morning opened like a sleepy lotus flower at the touch of the sun.

And the cocks crowed shrill praise to the Giver of light. Men, women, and children stirred on their charpoys.

Little Maya woke up earlier than her parents. She looked just like a little flower bud.

At first, she stared at the huge wooden beams in the ceiling, gazing at the flowers and birds carved on them. Then she talked and sang to herself.

Her voice rose and went through to the room where her parents slept. A little later she felt alone.

So she climbed out of her little cot and ran to her father’s bed, dragging her toy cart behind her with a string. She climbed onto her father’s tummy and tried to walk on him like a dancer on a tightrope.

“Ba,” she called to her father, “Ba.” Ba did not reply. He only growled. So she playfully pulled his beard. At this Ba groaned.

And Ma, her mother, got up, lifted Maya away from Ba, and took her to her own bed.

Placing Maya’s little brown body on her knees, Ma swung her legs up and down. The little girl laughed and cried as she did when she was swaying on a swing. She was timid, like a young bird.

The rough game warmed Maya. The autumn morning was cold, but Maya glowed.

Ba, however, still seemed cold as he sat wrapped in a shawl on the stone seat. He stared at the pots and toys he had made yesterday. He had not baked them. He must do that today.

Ma said to Ba: “Go and have a bath in the Great Bath. Maya has to go to school.”

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