Tantra Asana PDF: A Way To Self Realization By Ajit Mookerjee

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Tantra Asana Book

To attain the state of perfect bliss is the ultimate aim of Tantra.

Our ordinary pleasure experiences are of an extremely limited nature-they afford but fleeting glimpses of supreme joy.

And this ephemeral quality will always send us back to a gross plane, preventing the advance towards self-realization.

Tantra asana is one of the means of this realization. The asanas, the science of psycho yogic poses, are based upon the conception of the universe and of man’s role in it.

To become aware of one’s own incredible potential, to realize and experience joy in being one with the cosmos-this is the fulfillment of asana.

It is a yogic practice of transcending the human condition. Tantra itself is unique for being a synthesis of bhoga and yoga, enjoyment, and liberation.

There is no place for renunciation of denial in ‘fanır. Instead, we must involve ourselves in all the life processes which surround us.

The spiritual is not something that descends from above, rather it is an illumination that is to be discovered.

Also fundamental in Tanzrism is the notion of the identity of the human body (and, the power that binds the matter), the microcosm, with the universe or macrocosm (brahmanda).

Tantra holds that the body is the abode of truth, the epitome of the universe; and so man contains within himself, the truth of the whole cosmos.

Therefore, the body, with its physiological and physical processes, becomes the perfect medium (yantra) to attain truth.

“He who realizes the trach of the body can then come to know the truth of the universe”, says Ratnasara.

Tantra asana is a method used to unite the individual self (Arman) with the Absolute Infinite (Brahman) in the cosmic-conscious state known as samadhi.

Here there is only Pure Existence, Siva Sakti, where the formed and formless are unified and merged. It is the state of Sar-Chit-Ananda, that is, Pure Existence Consciousness Buss.

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Tantra asana Book PDF Free Download

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