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In the delicate matter of influencing human behavior, most of us fall short, not so much from profound ignorance of human nature-such ignorance does.

Unfortunately, exists from a failure to use the simplest and most obvious techniques. It is surprising how large this is true.

After one has become aware, for example, of the more elementary methods for securing attention, arousing, and holding interest, one notes how greatly they are honored in the breach.

Let us, in this chapter, consider a number of these simpler but far too neglected techniques.

What we attend to controls our behavior. What we can get others to attend to controls their behavior. In these two sentences, we have the key to the influencing of human behavior.

“Tell me what you habitually attend to and I will tell you what you are.” There is no doubt about this.

If it is your constant habit to watch the facial expressions of people, their manner of speech and gesture, their behavior toward each other.

One can safely wager that you are, to a noticeable degree, an analyst of human character. If, on the other hand, you habitually watch the ups and downs of the stock market.

One can wager that you are, to an extent, an analyst of finance. If again, your attention is constantly attracted by wheels, pistons, levers, etc.

One can safely assume that your absorbing interest is in machinery. You are, in short, that to which you habitually attend.

The differences in peoples are likewise to be found in that to which they habitually attend. The Eskimos, for example, can hardly attend to crops of corn.

Nor can the inhabitants of Arabia attend to seals and polar bears? It is obvious that the Eskimos are what they are by reason of the particular type of objects that continually occupy their attention.

They are blubber eaters; hunters of seals and fish; users of dog trains. One would hardly expect among them an appreciation of Beethoven or Rembrandt.

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Influencing Human Behavior Book PDF Free Download

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