Structures Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down PDF

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Structures Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down Book PDF Free Download

Structures Or Why Things Don't Fall Down Book PDF Free Download

Structures Or Why Things Don’t Fall Dow

A structure has been defined as “an assemblage of material which is rent to sustain loads, and the study of structures one of the traditional branches of science.

If a greeting structure breaks, people are likely to get killed and to engineer de well to investigate the behaver of structures with circumventing Lice.

But unfortunately, when they come to tell other people about their subject, something goes badly wrong, for they talk in & strimmer language, and score of a án kết with the conviction.

That the study of structures and the way in which they carry loads incompletes-Sle, relevant and very boring indeed.

Yel structures are involved in our lives in so many ways that we Cancel really afford to ignore there af, every plant and animal and nearly all of the works of man have to suit greater.

or less mechanical forces without breaking, and so practically everything is a structure of one kind or another.

When we talk about structures we shall have to ask, not only the way buildings and bridges fall down and why machinery and macrophages sometimes break.

But also how worms came to be the shape they are and why a bat can y into a rose bush without tearing its wings.

How do our tendons work? Why do we get “lumbago”? How were players’ dactyls able to weigh so little? Why do birds have leathers & How do our arteries work?

What can we do for crippled children? Why are sailing ships rigged in the way they are? Why did the bow of Odysseus have to be so hard to sing?

Why did the ancients take the wheels of their changes at night How did a Greek catapult work Whysa med shaken by the wind and why is the Parthenon so beautiful?

Can engineers learn from natural structures? What can doctors and biologists and artists and archaeologists learn from engineers?

As it has turned out, the struggle to understand the real reasons why structures work and why things break has been a great deal more difficult and bas ken noch longer than one might have expected.

Chapter 2 Why structures carry loads

Let us begin at the beginning with Newton who said that action and reaction are equal and opposite.

This means that every push must be matched and balanced by an equal and opposite push , It does not matter how the push arises.

It may be a 1 dead ‘ load for instance; that is to say a stationary weight of some kind .

If I weigh 200 pounds and stand on the floor y then the soles of my feet push downwards on the floor with a push or thrust of 200 pounds; that is the business of feet .

At the same time, the floor must push upwards on my feet with a thrust of 200 pounds; that is the business of floors > If the floor is rotten and cannot furnish a thrust of 200 pounds then I shall fall through the floor.

If however, by some miracle, the floor produced a larger thrust than my feet have called upon it to produce, say 201 pounds, then the result would be still more surprising because, of course, I should become airborne .

The New Science of Strong Materials – or Why you don’t fall through the Floor (Chapter 2)
We might start by asking how it is that any inanimate solid, such as steel or stone or timber or plastic, is able to resist a mechanical force at all – or even to sustain its own weight. This is, essentially, the problem of ‘Why we don’t fall through the floor’ and the answer is by no means obvious.

It lies at the root of the whole study of structures and is intellectually difficult.

In the event, it proved too difficult for Galileo, and the credit for the achievement of any real understanding of the problem is due to that very cantankerous man Robert Hooke (1635-1702).

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Structures Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down Book PDF Free Download

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