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The Managerial Revolution Book PDF Free Download

The Managerial Revolution Book PDF Free Download

The Managerial Revolution


one type of structure of society to another type. But, before answering our central problem of the world tomorrow, we must have a coherent idea of the world yesterday.

We cannot really understand where we are going unless we have at least some notion of where we start from.

What were the chief characteristics of the “modern world,” the type of society usually referred to as capitalist or bourgeois,”

Which was dominant from the end of the Middle Ages until, let us say in order to fix a date, 1914, the beginning of the first world war?

In the attempt to describe the chief characteristics of capitalist society (or any society) we are met at once with certain difficulties.

What shall we describe? We cannot describe everything: all the books ever written are not long enough for that. Whatever facts we select may seem arbitrarily selected.

Nevertheless, we have already a guide to the particular kind of arbitrariness that is relevant to our purpose.

Our problem is concerned with social revolution; and social revolution, according to the conception which has been outlined, is a matter of the most important economic and political institutions.

Widespread cultural institutions and beliefs, and ruling groups or classes. When these change drastically, the type of society has changed, and a revolution has occurred.

It is a modern or capitalist society in terms of these, then, that must be described. We do not have to include an account of the thousands of other features of modern society which might be relevant to some different purpose.

There is a second arbitrariness as well. In describing capitalist society, not only do we select out only a few institutional features.

But we limit our survey to only a certain (minor) percentage of the earth’s surface and a certain (minor) percentage of the earth’s population.

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The Managerial Revolution Book PDF Free Download

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