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Soma Divine Mushroom Of Immortality Book PDF Free Download

Soma Divine Mushroom Of Immortality Book PDF Free Download

Soma Divine Mushroom Of Immortality

My candidate for the identity of Soma is Amanita muscaria Quel, in English the fly-agaric, the Fliegenpile of the Germans.

The mukhomor of the Russians, the fausse orange or tue-Mouche or crapaudin of the French, the brilliant red mushroom with white spots familiar in forests and folklore throughout northern Eurasia.

This is the first time that a mushroom has been proposed in the Soma quest.

The fly-agaric is inebriant but not alcoholic. As far back as our records go, it has been the Sacred Element in the shamanic rites of many tribes of northern Siberia.

Tribes that are concentrated in the valleys of the Ob and the Yenisei, and then, after an interruption, other tribes in the extreme northeast of Siberia.

Apparently, some of these tribesmen scarcely knew alcohol until the Russians introduced it in the 16th and 17th centuries, but the fly-agaric had been their precious possession long before then.

The available records about its religious rôle are adequate to reveal its main properties but fall short of what we would have them be in the light of the proposal made in this paper.

Our earliest eye-witness account of its use is by a Pole, Adam Kazmierski, in 1658, among the Ostyak of the Irtysh River (a tributary of the Ob), and Ugrian people of the Finno-Ugrian family.

Today we know its use is common to the Ostyak and their kin the Vogul, the Ket of the Yenisei Valley, the Samoyed peoples.

And three sister tribes, unrelated linguistically to the others, on the north Pacific Coast, the Chukchi, the Koryak, and the Kamchadal.

Responsible observers have reported that the Yukagir, who survive in Siberia in tiny communities near the Arctic.

Ocean, and the Inari Lapps in Fin land, preserve oral traditions of having consumed the fly-agaric in times past, though they no longer do so.

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Soma Divine Mushroom Of Immortality Book PDF Free Download

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