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The Ramayana Translated By Hari Prasad Shastri

The Sage Valmiki, chief among the munis and the most eloquent of men, constantly engaged in the practice of self-control and the study of the holy scriptures, enquired of Shri Narada:

“Who is there in the world today, endowed with excellent and heroic qualities, who is versed in all the duties of life, grateful,

truthful, firm in his vows, an actor of many parts, benevolent to all beings, learned, eloquent, handsome, patient, slow to anger, one who is truly great;

who is free from envy and when excited to wrath can strike terror into the hearts of celestial beings? O Sage, I would hear of such a man from thee, who art able to describe him to me.”

Narada, acquainted with the past, the present, and the future, pleased with the words of the sage Valmiki, answered him saying :

“Rare indeed are those, endowed with the qualities thou hast enumerated, yet I can tell thee of such a one.

Born in the family of Ikshwaku, he is named Rama; one renowned, fully self-controlled, valorous, and illustrious, the Lord of All.

Wise, conversant with the ethical code, eloquent, fortunate, a slayer of his foes, broad-shouldered, long-armed, possessing a conch-shaped neck and prominent chin,

eminent in archery, with a muscular body, arms extending to the knees, and a noble head and brow; of mighty prowess;

proportioned limbs and skin of bluish tint, one renowned for his virtue; of prominent eyes, deep-chested, bearing auspicious marks;

one who protects those who take refuge in him and is ever-mindful of the good of those dependent on him; true to his promises,

benevolent to his subjects, omniscient, renowned for his good deeds, pure, and ever responsive to devotion; meditating on his own essence.

“Equal to Brahma, the Protector of his people, pleasing to look upon; supporting the universe; the destroyer of those who contravene the moral code;

the inspirer of virtue; the giver of special grace to his devotees and to those who duly observe sacrificial rites and are charitable;

conversant with the essence of the Vedic philosophy; an adept in the science of warfare; skilled in the scriptural law; of infallible memory;

beloved of all; of courteous disposition; incapable of cowardice; acquainted with the laws of this world as also of the other worlds.

“As the rivers hasten to the ocean, so do men of virtue ever approach him. “Equal to Vishnu in valor; grateful to the sight as the

full moon; when stirred to righteous anger, resembling all-consuming death; in patience like the earth, in generosity like Kuvera; in truthfulness the personification of virtue.

Such is his great qualities-Rama, the beloved heir of King Dasaratha, possessing every excellent attribute, benevolent to all, devoted to the welfare of every living being.”

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The Ramayana Translated By Manmatha Nath Dutt

THAT high-souled one of Ikswaku’s line had competed counselors, capable of administering the business, of diving into the motives of others, and ever intent upon the good of the monarch.

And that heroic king had eight famous coursellors, pure and devoted to the royal service,-vis.,

Drishti and Vijaya, and Saurashtra, and Räshtravardhana, and Akopa, and Dharmapala, and Sumantra the eighth, conversant with profit.

And he had two family priests after his heart; vis, those foremost of saints, Vasistha and Vamadeva And he had other counselors besides; vis., Suyajna, and Jāvāli, and Kāçyapa, and Gautama, and the long-lived Mår.kandeya, and the regenerate Kätyäyana.

Ever associated in counsel with these Brahmarshis, his priests and counselors serving the dynasty from father to son, were learned yet modest, and bashful,

and conversant with policy, and of subdued-senses, and auspicious, and high-souled, and accomplished in the art of arms, and high renown, and cautious,

and acting according to their word, and possessing energy, forgiveness, and fame, and ever preluding their speech with a smile,

and never committing themselves to a lie either from anger or interest or desire, and even employing spies noting what was doing or done in the midst of their own or a hostile party.

And they were adepts in intercourse with people, and well-tried in friendship by the monarch. And they were ever busy in replenishing the exchequer and in levying troops.

And they did not cherish ill will even towards enemies, when innocent. And they were heroic, and ever high-spirited, following policy,

  • Part 1-2 [15.2 MB] (Bal Kandam& Ayodhya Kandam)
  • Part 3-5 [16.1 MB] (Araya Kandam, Kishkindha Kandam, Sundara Kandam)
  • Part 6 [15.4 MB] (Yuddha Kandam)
  • Part 7 [9.7 MB] (Uttara Kandam)

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English Translated Ramayana of Valmiki Book PDF Free Download

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