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Why solar?

Our energy

These figures are for a U.K. lifestyle, but we can take this as being representative for people who live in the developed world.”

The bulk of our energy consumption goes on space heating-58%-this is something that can easily be provided for with passive solar design.

Next is water heating, which requires 24 of the energy which we use again, we will see in this book how we can easily heat water with solar energy.

So already we have seen that we can meet 82% of our energy needs with solar technologies! The next 13% of our energy is used to provide electrical power for our lights and home.

In Chapter 10 on solar photovoltaics, we will see how we can produce clean electricity from solar energy with no carbon emissions.

The remaining 5% is all used for cooking again we will see in this book how easy it is to cook with the power of the sun!

So we have seen that all of our energy needs can be met with solar technologies.

Why solar?

The short answer to this question, albeit not the most compelling is “Why not solar?”

Solar energy is clean, green, free, and best of all. isn’t going to be going anywhere for about the next five billion years-now I don’t know about you.

but when the sun does eventually expire. I for one will be pushing up the daisies, not looking on with my eclipse glasses.

For the longer, more compelling answer, you are going to have to read the rest of this chapter. At the end.

I hope that you will be a solar convert and be thinking of fantastic ways to utilize this amazing. environmentally friendly, Earth-friendly technology.

If we look at North America as an example, we can see that there is a real solar energy resource (Figure 1-2).

While the majority of this is concentrated in the West, there is still enough solar energy to be economically exploited in the rest of the U.S.A.!

Renewable versus nonrenewable

At present, the bulk of our energy comes from fossil fuels-gas, coal, and oil. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons,

that is to say, that if we look at them chemically, they are wholly composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms.

The thing about hydrocarbons is that, when combined with the oxygen in the air and heat, they react exothermically (they give out heat.

This heat is useful. and is used directly as a useful form of energy in itself, or is converted into other forms of energy like kinetic or electrical energy that can be used to “do some work in other words, perform a useful function.

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Solar Energy Projects Book PDF Free Download

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