Society In Mediaeval Ceylon PDF By M B Ariyapala

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Society In Mediaeval Ceylon Book PDF Free Download

Society In Mediaeval Ceylon Book PDF Free Download

Society In Mediaeval Ceylon

The years after the fifth century was again marked by invasions, schisms, civil wars, and intrigues, which brought about a decline in cultural activity.

Though amidst these reigned a few kings who devoted some of their time to cultural pursuits, as for example Culla Moggallana and Agrabodhi I who were surrounded by a band of poets.

The growing influence of Sanskrit is marked by the production of a Sanskrit word, the Jánakharana or the Abduction of Sita, by Kumaradasa.

Who is identified with the king Kumira Dhatusena (ab. 513-8zz) by Malalasekara (ibid., p. 151). Mendis disagrees with this identification (Early History of Ceylon, p. 61).

The Mahavamsa too attributes no literary ventures to this king Kumara Dhatusina. He is credited only with reciting the sacred texts, reforming the Order, and supplying the clergy with the fourfold requisites (CV41.2).

The Pajivaliya, identifying him with Kamara Distusina, relates the popular story of Kumāradisa’s friendship with the equipment poet Kalidasa.

Whose works no doubt influenced him, and the sacrifice of his life on the altar of friendship

The oldest extant Sinhalese literary work is assigned to the ninth century and is attributed to Slimēcha Sina or Matvala It is the Sivaba located.

A treatise on poetics, and is for the most part à rending of the Sanskrit work Kivyždaras of Danda.

The compact of the werk ascribes it to Salame who was a brother of Margit Kivan, and who was like a lustrous crown to lầu gine.

Of PIE work, the Kiếmappakatapa is assigned to this period. It is an exposition of the diame by a fába nano de Khine.

The Fall Mati bodhi-vamsı, assigned to the last quarter of the tenth century, an attributed to Epatissa. It is important to note that this book boate distinct traces in the language of the influence! Send.

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Society In Mediaeval Ceylon Book PDF Free Download

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