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Time And Eternity Book PDF Free Download

Time And Eternity Book PDF Free Download

Time And Eternity

“That “sooner or later us essential to a proper understanding of the concepts of “gradation and evolution” The traditional idea of “evolution” an “emergent” Accordingly for St.

Augustine, the world is pregnant with the causes of things as yet Ibom”, “so that at this time or that, and in this or that way.

The thing created may emerge break out and be outwardly created in some way by the unfolding of their proper measures” (De Trin 39 16), a thing or species is eternal and the Word of God “

In which there is no then and sometimes”, but at “comes into being at that time when it ought to come into being” (De gen ad litt 1 2 6), and.

“As in the seed there are invisibly and at one time all the things which in course of time will grow into a tree, so the universe must be conceived”

And in this way, those things which are produced by the operation of physical causes existed potentially (e as possibilities)

“Before in the course of time they lac actually came into being in the shape in which they are now known to us in those works which God worketh until now’, John 5 17” (16 5 23 45)

In other words, their preexistence as possibilities is what is meant by “gradation” while their emergence in the course of time is their “unfolding” or “evolution”

The doctrine of “seminal reasons” is not im like the theory of “genes” by which we now interpret “heredity” Further, analogous to this phylogeny is the progeny of individual organisms.

Just as the pure Intellect embraces the ideas of many things in simultaneous identity with itself, as species are included in a genus.

AuthorAnanda K Coomaraswamy
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Time And Eternity Book PDF Free Download

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