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संस्कृत शब्दकोश – Sanskrit Hindi Dictionary PDF Free Download


Is compıhng this Dictionary, the greatest care has been taken to render it at once concise and com prehensile, combining in a miniature form,

all the most useful features of the large dictionaries with numerous improvements, calculated to adapt it to the fresh demands and progressive discoveries of modern literature and science

The book is the first of its kind and is chiefly compiled to satisfy the demands of those students who take up Sanscut at school and

who cannot afford to purchase “Sanscuit to English ” and ” English to Hindi” Dictionaries, on account of their prohibitive prices, If those students to whom it is intended will case to obtain a copy of this book,

they will be saved from double labor and double expenses The p1 ice of this book has been intentionally kept low, order to make it popular and to suit the purse of all classes of students

To make the work concise, only such meanings of words have been given, as I conveyed by them in ordinary Conipound words which have no special meanings of then own,

but express sentiments, which may be understood by separate “Wordstrave been left out Particular attention has been paid to use common Hindi words, but where its com failed, preference

has been given to Sanscrit over a foreign tongue There are a few words of a foreign language, which have to be used because they are of daily use, and convey the sense better than a newly coined Sans cut expression, but such instances are rare

The present work 1s compiled chiefly from Professor MacDonell’s “Sanscrit English Dictionary” which to compiler’s mind, though not bulky in size 14 more comprehensive and explanatory, than the so-called many Sanscuit-Englisli Dictionaries of high prices in the market.

The work had to be done in great baste, owing to a large number of registered o1ders-the compiler 19 afraid that some printing mistakes must have crept in and he hopes that these will be connected in the second edition.

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संस्कृत हिंदी शब्दकोष – Sanskrit words and their meanings in Hindi pdf Pdf Free Download

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