संस्कृत हिंदी शब्दकोष | Sanskrit To Hindi-English Dictionary PDF

संस्कृत शब्दकोश – Sanskrit Hindi Dictionary PDF Free Download


In compiling this dictionary, the greatest care has been taken to render it concise and understandable at the same time, combining it in a concise form,

All the most useful features of the great dictionary, with numerous improvements, have been calculated to adapt it to the fresh demands and progressive discoveries of modern literature and science.

This book is the first of its kind and has been compiled mainly to meet the demands of students who face school and

Those who cannot afford to purchase “Sensit to English” and “English to Hindi” dictionaries due to their exorbitant prices, if the students for whom it is intended would like to obtain a copy of this book,

They will be saved from double the hard work and double the expenditure. The P1 ice of this book has been deliberately kept short, to make it popular and affordable for all sections of students.

To make the composition concise, only those meanings of the words have been given, which I had expressed in common coinpound words, which do not have any special meaning of their own.

But conveying emotions, which can be understood with different words, has been abandoned, with special attention given to the use of common Hindi words, but where its COM failed, priority has been given.

Sanskrit is ranked above a foreign language, there are some words from a foreign language, which have to be used because they are of daily use, and convey the meaning better than a newly coined sans cut expression, but Such examples are rare

The present work has been compiled chiefly from Professor MacDonnell’s “Sanskrit English Dictionary”, which, in the mind of the compiler, though not bulky in size, is more comprehensive and explanatory than many of the so-called Sanskrit-English dictionaries of high prices in the market. Is.

This was a difficult task due to the large number of registered O1ders – the compiler 19 feared that there might have been some printing errors and hoped that these would be added to the second edition.

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संस्कृत हिंदी शब्दकोष – Sanskrit words and their meanings in Hindi pdf Pdf Free Download

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