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Some Word From The Book

Rich dad went on. “What I like best is the Texas attitude. They’re proud when they win, and they brag when they lose. Texans have a saying. If you’re going to go broke, go big.

” You don’t want to admit you went broke over a duplex. He constantly told Mike and me that the greatest reason for the lack of financial success was because most people played it too safe.

“People are so afraid of losing that they lose were his words. Fran Tarkenton. a one-time great NFL quarterback, says it still another way: “Winning means being unafraid to lose.

In my own life. I’ve noticed that winning usually follows losing. Before I finally learned to ride a bike, I first fell down many times. I’ve never met a golfer who has never lost a golf ball.

I’ve never met people who have fallen in love who have never had their heartbroken.

And I’ve never met someone rich who has never lost money So for most people, the reason they don’t win financially is that the pain of losing money is far greater than the joy of being rich.

Another saying in Texas is. “Everyone wants to go to heaven. but no one wants to die. Most people dream of being rich. but are certified of losing money.

money, he told us this story. It gave him strength, for it reminded him that he could always turn a financial loss into a financial win. Rich dad knew that failure would only make him stronger and smarter.

It’s not that he wanted to lose. He just knew who he was and how he would take a loss. He would take a loss and make it a win. Thar’s what made him a winner and others losers.

It gave him the courage to cross the line when others backed out. “That’s why I like Texans so much, he would say. “They took a great failure and turned it into inspiration is well a tourist destination that makes them millions.

To-Do List For Starting

So for those who want a to-do list on how to get started, I will share with you some of the things I do, in abbreviated form.

Stop doing what you’re doing:- In other words, take a break and assess what is working and what is not working. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Stop doing what is not working, and look for something new.

Look for new ideas:- For new investing ideas, I go to bookstores and search for books on different and unique subjects. I call them formulas. I buy how-to books on formulas I know nothing about.

For example, in the bookstore, I found the book The 16 Percent Solution by Joel Moskowitz. I bought the book and read it and the next Thursday, I did exactly as the book said.

Most people do not take action, or they let someone talk them out of whatever new formula they are studying. My neighbor told me why 16 percent would not work. I did not listen to him because he’s never done it.

Find someone who has done what you want to do. Take them to lunch and ask them for tips and tricks of the trade. As for 16 percent tax-lien certificates, I went to the county tax office and found the government employee who worked in that office. I found out that she, too, invested in the tax liens. Immediately, I invited her to lunch.

She was thrilled to tell me everything she knew and how to do it. After lunch, she spent all afternoon showing me everything. By the next day, I found two great properties with her help that have been accruing interest at 16 percent ever since. It took a day to read the book, a day to take action, an hour for lunch, and a day to acquire two great deals.

Take classes, read, and attend seminars. I search newspapers and the Internet for new and interesting classes, many of which are free or inexpensive.

I also attend and pay for expensive seminars on what I want to learn. I am wealthy and free from needing a job simply because of the courses I took. I have friends who did not take those classes who told me I was wasting my money, and yet they’re still at the same job.

Make lots of offers. When I want a piece of real estate, I look at many properties and generally write an offer. If you don’t know what the right offer is, neither do I. That is the job of the real estate agent. They make the offers. I do as little work as possible.

A friend wanted me to show her how to buy apartment houses.
So one Saturday she, her agent, and I went and looked at six apartment houses. Four were dogs, but two were good.

I said to write offers on all six, offering half of what the owners asked for. She and the agent nearly had heart attacks. They thought it was rude, and would offend the sellers, but I really don’t think the agent wanted to work that hard. So they did nothing and went on looking for a better deal

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDF Free Download

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