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Barriers of Communication

Chapter Outline
Defining Barriers to Communication
Types of Barriers:
1. PHYSICAL or Environmental BARRIERS
2. Physiological or biological barriers
6. Socio-Psychological Barriers
7. Cross-Cultural Barriers
8. Physiological or biological barriers
Overcoming Communication Barriers

Anything that hinders the process of communication at any of these levels is a barrier to communication and is also called miscommunication Barriers to communication can be defined as the aspects or conditions that interfere with the effective exchange of ideas or thoughts.

A/ Faulty Organizational Structure

• Large working area
• Closed office doors
• Separate areas for people of different status
• It forbids team members from effective interaction with each other.

B/ Noise

• Noise is the first major barrier to communication.
• For example, the noise of the traffic around a school
obstructs the smooth flow of information between
the teacher and the students.
• Physical noise (outside disturbance)
• Psychological noise (inattentiveness)
• Written noise (bad handwriting/typing)
• Visual noise (late arrival of employees)

C/Time and Distance
• Time differences between
two different countries. Even
the people working in
different shifts in the same
• Improper Time
• Defects in the Medium of
• Network Facilities
• Mechanical Breakdowns

D/ Information Overload
• Piling up of tasks due to improper time
• Excess number of people assigned for same
• Work overload

F/ Surroundings

• Adverse weather conditions affect not only the means of communication but also have an impact on the sender and the receiver of the message.

• For example: When two people have to communicate with each other under extreme weather conditions.

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Barriers of Communication PDF Free Download

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