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Relationship Contract Template

Many couples want to test the waters or stay together under common law marriage rather than walk down the aisle or sign a contract that’s supposed to bind them together for life.

They don’t want to be dragged into the pitfalls of “irreconcilable differences,” alimony and endless paperwork that could affect not only themselves but their future children.

It happens. How many marriages fail on average every year? Too many to bother not being jaded or losing faith in it altogether, unfortunately.

How to Write

I. The Couple

(1) Date.  

The effective date, when this contract’s conditions and its terms become active, should be dispensed to the introduction.

This will aid in establishing when the Partners actively enter this agreement and may be the same as the latest signature date.

(2) Boyfriend. 

The full name and address of the Boyfriend in this relationship should be documented after the introduction provided in Article I.

Keep in mind, that while some relationships do not consist of a Boyfriend and Girlfriend, this nomenclature will be a manner of convenience to adequately identify two different Parties.

Thus, if the Partners are in a same-sex relationship either can be listed first or listed second.

Optionally, this label may be removed and replaced with another so long as this role and the Partner assigned to it remain consistent throughout the document and in the signature area provided.

(3) Girlfriend.

After identifying the Boyfriend, the Girlfriend’s name and complete address should be provided to the First Article where requested.

II. Exclusivity

Choose Item 4 Or Choose Item 5

(4) Exclusive Relationship. 

The Partners participating in this relationship will need to decide whether they will allow each other to enter and be a part of other relationships or whether the one being discussed will be the sole romantic or sexual relationship both will have.

If so, then mark the checkbox associated with the first statement displayed in the Second Article.

(5) Open Relationship. 

If the Boyfriend and Girlfriend agree that they may enter into relationships with other people then, select the “Open Relationship” checkbox. This decision will have to be further explored in the statement being made.

Choose One Option From Item 6

(6) Safety. 

If the Couple has decided upon an open relationship then each retains the right to maintain safety.

To this end, indicate if each must use sexual protection (against disease and pregnancy) when engaging in sexual relations by selecting the “Required” checkbox or if sexual protection will not be required by marking the second checkbox option displayed.

(7) Other.

Some Couples will intend to have an open relationship only part of the time or only one may wish to while the other prefers to remain exclusive but consents to the Other’s activities.

If the two previous options are not an adequate description of the desired exclusivity status of this relationship, the “Other” checkbox should be selected and the exact agreement on exclusivity the Partners have come to should be documented.

Keep in mind, that this may be a sensitive topic thus, it is important that a clear level of communication is fostered, and that pressure-free consent is obtained from both Partners.

III. Living Arrangements

Choose Item 8 Or Choose Item 9

(8) Separately. 

The Partners should also decide upon their living situation during this relationship.

That is, if they will live separately or together.

If each will maintain his or her own home separately then choose the first statement in Article III by marking the corresponding checkbox.

(9) Together. 

If the two Partners will share a residence by living at the same address, then select the second option.

(10) Living Expenses. 

If the Couple has decided to live together then a discussion on the expenses should be involved.

This will require that the living expenses the Boyfriend must cover and the living expenses the Girlfriend must pay for are listed where requested. 

IV. Income

Select Item 11 Or Select Item 12

(11) Their Own. 

If the Couple intends that each Partner will be the sole owner of his or her income and that no part of it will be considered the other’s then this paperwork should solidify this decision.

To this end, select the checkbox labelled “Their Own.”

(12) Shared. 

If the Partners will combine their incomes, then select the “Shared” checkbox. 

V. Bank Accounts

(13) Separate Bank Accounts. 

The Couple will need to decide if they will maintain separate bank accounts or combine their bank accounts.

If each Partner will maintain his or her own bank account and will deny the other access to it, then select the first checkbox.

(14) Separate And Shared Bank Accounts. 

If the Partners decide to maintain a separate account but also open and access a joint or shared bank account then, mark the second checkbox.

This means that only the joint or shared account is accessible to each Partner and that each has the option of maintaining a private or separate bank account.

(15) Merged Bank Accounts.

Select the third checkbox if the Partners agree to merge their existing accounts.

VI. Personal Needs

(16) Date Nights. 

Naturally, if the Couple has determined that in order to maintain a healthy relationship, they should engage in a date night where each will only focus on spending time with the other.

If so, then record the number of such date nights that they agree to conduct every month to Statement A (found in the Sixth Article).

The Partners, of course, can have as many date nights as they both agree to a month, thus this should be considered a minimum number.

(17) Romantic Activity. 

Article VI will also seek the minimum number of times a month when the Partners agree to engage in sexual activity 

VII. Termination

(18) Breakup. 

If the Couple will continue this relationship at will and it can be terminated at any time by either one, then select the “Breakup” option under “Termination.” This will also require that the number of days when each Partner is obligated to uphold their financial obligations in this relationship is solidified.

Present this number where it is requested.

Keep in mind that any enforceable financial obligations in this document must be satisfied by both partners for the reported number of days after a break-up is initiated.

(19) End Date. 

If both Partners agree that the concerned relationship should end as of a certain calendar date, then select the “End Date” statement from Article VII.

VIII. Liability

(20) To All Terms. 

The question of enforceability will need to be dealt with regarding this agreement.

If the Couple agrees that all the conditions of this agreement (without exception) should be enforceable in a court of law then select the “To All Terms” statement from the eighth article.

What’s Included? 

1. Exclusivity

Outlines whether the relationship with be either:

Exclusive – No other sexual partners.

Open – Other sexual partners are allowed. Protection during such interaction should be required.

Custom – Some partners have exclusive relationships except for maybe one (1) “free pass” per year.

2. Living Arrangements

To decide if the couple will be living together. If living together, it should be written who will pay for what living expenses on the property.

3. Income

In most relationships, income is separate. Although, some partners agree to share their income if, for example, one partner works by the hour and the other is in a sales (commission) position.

4. Bank Accounts

To decide whether or not to keep their accounts separate or open a shared bank account.

5. Personal Needs

There can be any type of personal needs required such as:

Date nights

Romantic acts

Family time


6. Termination

Most relationships end when a partner is no longer feeling the connection as before.

Although, some agreements have an end date (to each their own!).

7. Liability

To require that each partner be liable for anything written in the agreement.

For example, if the couple requires that each partner pay their fair share of the rent (50/50), then each partner will be required until the end of the lease term.

8. Mutual Respect

The foundation of any relationship includes:



Judgment-free attitude

Family time

Handling disputes

Acceptance (of political views, ideas, etc.)

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